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Specialties- Ground Style Martial Arts

Ground Style Martial Arts:

groundIncludes martial arts such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, shoot wrestling, catch wrestling, Judo and Sambo are trained to improve ground control and position, as well as to achieve submission holds, and defend against them.


Ground-and-pound is a ground fighting tactic consisting of taking an opponent to the ground using a takedown or throw, obtaining a top, or dominant position, and then striking the opponent, primarily with the fists. Ground-and-pound is also used as a precursor to attempting submission holds.

This style is used by wrestlers or other fighters well-versed in submission defense and skilled at takedowns. They take the fight to the ground, maintain a grappling position, and strike until their opponent submits or is knocked out. Although not a traditional style of striking (it was first demonstrated as an effective technique by UFC and Pride grand prix champion, Mark Coleman), the effectiveness and reliability of ground-and-pound has made it a popular tactic. Today, strikes on the ground are an essential part of a fighter’s training.

Submission Grappling

Apart from being a general martial arts term, submission grappling is also a reference to the ground fighting tactic consisting of taking an opponent to the ground using a takedown or throw and then applying a submission hold, forcing the opponent to submit. While grapplers will often work to attain dominant position, some may be more comfortable fighting from other positions. If a grappler finds themselves unable to force a takedown, they may resort to pulling guard, whereby they physically pull their opponent into a dominant position on the ground.

Submissions are an essential part of many disciplines, most notably catch wrestling, judo, Sambo, pankration, Army Combatives, MCMAP and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. They were popularised in early UFC by Ken Shamrock and Royce Gracie.


Lay-and-pray is a pejorative term for a strategy whereby a fighter can control their opponent on the ground, but is unable to mount an effective offense. They simply seek to negate the offense of their opponent, “praying” for a decision victory. In some promotions, penalties may be imposed for lay-and-pray techniques if the referee determines that a fighter is stalling.

  • sam griffith says:

    im a huge fan of ufc and have always wanted to learn everything there is to know. how much is the price for class

  • justin says:

    im also a big fan of ufc and I’m very interested in learning more and then eventually fight i would like to know the prices for class

  • Jesse says:

    yea is there anywhere that shows the prices?

  • jordan tawater says:

    hey i was wondering if i could enroll in yalls mixed maritals arts class

  • T.J. Young says:

    45 bucks a month guys.. plus u gotta buy gear

  • dakota says:

    jw. but how much would this cost??

  • Cody says:

    Depends on the gym.

  • Josh says:

    I would recommend purchasing the gear before starting the gym, You need a good support if your a male, Shock doctor mouth peice, shin guards are nice as well, I have 14 ounce boxing gloves for training and MMA Training gloves when grappling and training ground techniques. Might invest in some hand wraps, and head gears is a plus as well. best place for all this is mc sports. you will have around 300 invested in your personal gear, But you will be ready to start training safely and learn how to become a MMA fIGHTER from the ground up.

  • Hi everyone,
    If you are interested in learning Jiu-jitsu, Wrestling and KickBoxing FargoBJJ does FREE classes a couple times a week.
    Go To the website and set it up.

    Fargo BJJ is the ONLY Brazilian Jiu-jitsu BlackBelt in the area and has ties to Easton BJJ/Grudge Center.

    All are welcome, no experience needed, VERY friendly family type team atmosphere

  • brandon says:

    how much does this cost a month? do u need a kimona?

  • mike says:

    what if you are older in ok shape for 40+ and like to take some classes in BJJ each week ?

  • Montie says:

    Then go to some classes i have rolled with guy’s in there 50’s man dont let age get in the way if you feel like you can do it…….do it. Oh and about gym prices if there is a gym that is 45 bucks a month please let me know because i have never heard of a price that low, it is usually about $90-$150 depending on caliber. the American Top Team qualified school i train at is $135.00 a month, so if there is one that is 45 PLEASE let me know i may

  • Anahi says:

    i wonder if they do karate there huh?

  • I try to start my mma career back up

  • austin says:

    i am a huge fan of mma i would love to get into that i am a fighter been fighting people all of my life most of the time just for fun i love the ground game most damage comes from there (for me) anyways been grappling (wrestling) for a year or two and i’m alright at it i would love to be tought more and more so i could improve please write back and thank you.

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