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BJ Penn interview on Jim Rome radio

BJ Penn having a great time with Jim Rome- talking Kenny Florian, jumping out of pools, being rich or poor & more!

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Snippets from the interview:

On GSP greasing it-

Jim Rome: Your final thoughts on grease-gate, you said that he was greasing in that fight.. they have since denied it. Exactly what happend that night. Was he greasing?
BJ: Um, you know that’s my opinion and i’m not the only fighter who has come on and said that- i think jason miller, sean sherk, matt hughes, i said that stuff, you know… i gotta put it behind me, i got a tough fight coming up, but uh, you know i say i feel, i believe what i say , i’m not going out there to lie, you know… the game plan i have set up for that night, there’s gonna be no reason for you to take me down, i’m gonna punish you on the ground and then you just can’t hold on to the guy, so you know, people can say what they want to do, people can say what they wanna say, you know, that’s just a poor loser this and that, you know where there’s smoke there’s fire and I’m not the only guy who said that about him.

On supposedly being rich and MMA-

Jim Rome: what is that.. it’s like if you don’t have to brawl to put food on the table, you’re not worthy, i mean is that an MMA thing? Is that a sports thing? like what’s the wrap? i kinda don’t even get the wrap?
BJ: i don’t know, it’s amazing that that’ll happen. I think it started because the UFC, maybe, this is way back in the day where me and Dana use to bicker, they use to try and push me, get me to sign certain contracts and i was like i don’t know i don’t want to do it , i don’t want to take it- and they are like ‘only because your family has money and you don’t want to take it’ and i’m thinking you know i mean i wish we had the limo, i wish we had the yaht and the private planes, but unfortunately we don’t live like that.

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