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Brock Lesnar interview on Jim Rome radio

Great interview here as Brock Lesnar was interviewed today by Jim Rome on his radio show.  Talking about UFC, Frank Mir, WWE, tattoos & more!

Download Brock Lesnar Interview (MP3) 15MB

Snippets from the interview:

On Lesnar’s first fight with Frank Mir-

Jim Rome: Was winning the fight enough or did you have to win the fight in the fashion that you did getting pulled off him by the ref?
Brock Lesnar: Uh, I, I guess you know from the beginning i thought that that fight our first fight should have been stopped , um, i thought it was gonna end on the ground and I wanted to finish it exactly the way I thought it should have been finished and that was me pounding him out on the ground.

On losing to Frank Mir I-

Jim Rome: So it sounds like you felt like you beat yourself more then he beat you in that fight, is that accurate?
Brock Lesnar: Abosulutely, that’s how i felt, i felt like i gave him.. i almost felt like i was back in the wwe ring and i gave a guy a win that didn’t deserve to win that night, you know, and it really make me sick for a long time.

On fighting Fedor-

Jim Rome: Do you think you’re gonna get a shot at fighting Fedor?
Brock Lesnar: Ultimately someday I would hope, you know, but I want to, you know, I want to be able to get in the octagon and I think i got a lot to prove as a fighter, you know. Um.. I want to, I want to, you know, I want to get a few more fights in and i want to, you know, it’s just not, I’m not here hot shot anything you know as far as the fight business, this is a business for me first and foremost, this is how I make my living and then that’s how I look at it so we created a lot of controversy I guess post fight and you know, in some ways I look at this, was this a good uh, you know.. i have to look for the good in all of this and not retrospect and reflect on the bad. So ,utimately in the end, is there a fight? Would i accept the fight from Fedor? Absolutely.

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