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Exclusive Interview with Coach Gil Martinez caught up with Gil Martinez to talk about what it’s like to train some of the best fighters in the world. Gil has trained Gray Maynard, Randy Couture and Vitor Belfort just to name a few. With a long resume of training fighters, we wanted to get his take on the world of MMA. You can check out Gil at

FindMMAGym: How have you enjoyed your time at XC Vegas?

GM: I love working at XC, best place to work. Couldn’t ask for a better gym to train fighters, every one here is great starting from the office staff, members, to all the pros that train here. It’s like one big happy family

FindMMAGym: What are some main differences you notice from boxers and MMA fighters in terms of their hands? Any other big differences?

GM: MMA fighters are a little behind in the striking compared to boxer, but only because boxers have been doing it so much longer it would be like a boxer trying to learn BJJ or to wrestle it would take them a while to be able to compete at the top level of wrestling or with BJJ black belts

FindMMAGym: What are some of your most memorable moments in training / big fights throughout the years?

GM: Every camp has been very special and all have had very memorable moments during the camp and when we travel to the place where the fight will take place. Watching this guys train for the fights and cutting the weight to the celebration after the fights

FindMMAGym:Who have been some of your favourite fighters to work with?

GM: I don’t have a favorite, I’ve had a great time training all the guys from Randy Couture, Gray Maynard, Vitor Belfort, Mike Pyle, Mike Chandler, Ray Sefo, Robert Drysdale, Jay Hieron, John Alessio, Ulysses Gomez, Gilbert Durinho, Romulo Roman, and just started with Ryan Bader and every one else that I didn’t mention

FindMMAGym: Anyone that you haven’t worked with, that you would really like to?

GM: Cain Velasquez

FindMMAGym: Who do you see as the top 3 pound for pound fighters in the world today?

GM: Cain Velasquez, GSP, Jon Jones

This concludes our interview with Gil Martinez. Thanks very much Gil!

Gil is looking forward to the next set of challenges as he continues to train some of the best fighters in the world in Vegas.

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