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Run Forrest (Griffin), Run!

“Run, forrest, run”! To quote the famous line from the classic oscar award winning movie, Forrest Gump- the situation ideally would have been completely flipped around. To parallel the storylines of both characters, Forrest(Gump) and Forrest (Griffin), one would believe that the ‘quoted line’ would have reflected victory, excitement and a sense of overcoming at UFC 101 for Mr. Griffin. But what happened in reality at UFC 101 was, in a sense, a literal translation of Forrest Griffin actually ‘running’ out of the venue after facing a nasty defeat. Forrest (Gump) would have faced adversity and defeat by breaking off his leg plates and transcended into a running sprint. Instead, Forrest (Griffin) pulled a Lebron James (post Eastern Conference Finals loss to the Orlando Magic), pouted and ran away into the locker rooms. No handshakes, no post fight interview with Joe Rogan, no “I lost, but my heart is still bigger than yours” …. Nothing!forrest-silva

Now, my burning questions during and after the fight… Where did Forrest (Griffin) run to? Why did he run? What was he thinking? Was his head so bashed up that he couldn’t think? Is it time to retire?

I thought to myself… What the heck just occurred in this embarrassment of a fight? All the credit to Anderson Silva for his dominating performance, but was Forrest sparring with himself or something?

Don’t get me wrong… Forrest is a good fighter. He is or was the face of the UFC- the ultimate fighter winner which many has embraced and loved, the all American boy that has overcome a lot- winning, losing, winning, and was a champion at one point in time. . His legendary fight with Stephan Bonner single handedly resurrected the UFC. For crying out loud, he’s on the cover of the UFC 2009 undisputed video game.

But after UFC 101, I’m not sure myself or many fans can look at him the same. I wonder if he’s taken one too many punches to the face. The wear and tear is finally catching up. He has shown his glass chin and is prone to getting dropped. Sure he’s got heart, but it appears he was running somewhere after the fight to find what was left of it. Perhaps he was searching for the almighty wizard of oz to grant him a new one.

The other nagging thought… Was he injured during the fight? Was that the reason his corner rushed him out so quickly? I doubt it. It was truly an embarrassing moment for Forrest Griffin. All the training and preparation for this fight just got tossed out the window. Silva was too fast, too quick and too strong whereas Forrest was too slow, too hesitant and too defeated.

Final thoughts- In my book, Anderson Silva now stakes claim as the best pound for pound fighter. I really think he can clean out the 205 class. What’s left? Brock Lesnar? Will he or should he fight his buddy, Lyoto Machida? He won’t.

As for Forrest Griffin, it’s time for you to retire. Your head is probably as mushed as Chuck Liddell’s head. Fight any more and even the ring girls can knock you out. You can’t move up in weight because Brock, Shane, Cain or Mir would eat you alive. What is left in the tank?

Anyway, let’s hear your thoughts.


  • mmagyms says:

    Well, rumors are circulating on why Forrest Griffin ran out faster than he got knocked out-

    “Reports surfaced on Sunday that Griffin had suffered a jaw injury and that was the reason for his hasty exit, but was able to confirm with representatives from Zinkin Entertainment, Griffin’s management group, that he is physically fine following the Saturday night fight.

    Griffin suffered no broken jaw and he is physically okay, said the Zinkin representative, but emotionally he is definitely not dealing well with the loss.”

    There you have it… broken face, broken heart, broken brain. Sorry Forrest, time to retire.

  • Lenny; MOL and DOL says:

    That fight was demoralizing, the two were definitely from opposite ends of skill level on Saturday. The Spider danced his way around and picked Forrest apart like he was a 10yr old girl. Let’s make GSP and Silva weigh in at 175lbs on fight night, and it should be a good fight.

  • Joseph says:

    I would have to say screw you, OP. Forrest had a bad fight. It happens. He was fighting the kind of guy whos style of fighting is best suited to beating him. When he was knocked out by Keith Jardine, he cried during the interview afterword, and I can’t blame him if he didn’t want to be seen in that condition again. The bottom line is, every time someone loses a fight badly you can’t shout for their retirement. It just makes you look like you don’t know what you are talking about. What if Liddell had retired after Couture beat him? Or if Ken Shamrock quit after he was beat by Royce Gracie?

  • Lee says:

    Rumors are saying that forrest got a jaw injury and thats why he had to run into the locker rooms but who is this guy writing this story saying that its time for forrest griffen to retire. Are you kidding? why should he retire, oh because he lost to the best pound for pound fighter in the world. Forrest Griffen has shown time and time again that he is one of the best fighters in the world. Furthermore yes anderson silvia is fast,strong, etc but thats not why he wins most of his fights. Anderson Silva wins his fights because his elusiveness is out of this world, he literally dances while dodging hits from all of his opponents. Another thing is everyone keeps saying that only Lyoto Machida can truly challenge Anderson Silva but what about George St-Pierre, just a while ago George St-Pierre was being called the best pound for pound fighter in the world. All in all Forrest is very good but he is not on that level of Anderson Silva,George St-Pierre,BJ Penn,Lyoto Machida or Brock Lesnar however he is still a top contendar in the 205 weight class.

  • mmagyms says:

    To Joseph- I’m not saying ‘losing’ prompts immediate retirement, but how he lost was a clear sign leading towards it. Yes, Anderson Silva is in another league of his own, but one has to admit that Forrest has taken one too many head blows in this league. He has sacrificed a lot for the UFC and I’d hate to see any more permanent head injuries. You have to see that he likes to stand in the pocket and trade blows with his opponents- egging them on to bring more. But that takes a toll on you in the long run and getting back in the octagon would only increase his chances of getting knocked down faster.

  • ChrishXc says:

    i think the only thing that happened is he was embarrassed, i had speculations that maybe he threw the fight, i personally didnt think he could have gone down the way he did on some of those punches. but im starting to lean toward maybe he was just out punched, out kicked and just plain out matched. i know that Silva is by far one of the best pound for pounders out there, im on his side every fight i see him in, but i do know the kind of heart Griffin has, i didnt think it was like him to get beat like that. but no i dont think he should retire, theres is not shame in getting beaten by someone better than you, thats how you learn. leave him be, give him time, eventually he’ll come back and be the Forrest Griffin everyone knows again. hes not on the cover of the game for nothing. as for Silva…time for GSP.

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