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The Ultimate Fighter 10: Will Kimbo Get Sliced?

Upon seeing Kimbo Slice being knocked out by glorified mid-carder Seth Petruzelli on national television, many sports betting sharps assumed that they had seen the last of the converted street fighter. Slice was the main cog in the EliteXC hype machine that made its way onto CBS, and into the living rooms of millions of viewers for the better part of 2008. Unfortunately, the company rested on Slice’s shoulders, and with his monster status shattered, so were the dreams of the EliteXC as a whole.

Kimbo proved himself unfit in the octagon, with a poor ground game and lax defensive skills when standing up, despite a “big puncher” reputation. The BetUS sportsbook favored Kimbo in all of his fights—especially the Petruzelli disaster (which was supposed to be a contest against Ken Shamrock)—and the MMA odds turned out to be wrong.

Now, Slice will get a second chance, as UFC head honcho has signed him on to be a part of The Ultimate Fighter 10. While the UFC betting community immediately had reservations however, it seems as though the company is indeed gearing the show so that Kimbo has a remote chance of winning. Upon signing Kimbo to a deal, the UFC cancelled original plans for a middleweight division, and filled up a heavyweight division with many fellow raw athletes.

Kimbo will be joined in the competition by Former Tampa Bay Buccaneers defensive end and first round NFL draft pick Marcus Jones, former Minnesota Vikings, San Francisco 49ers and New York Giants player Matt Mitrione and former Atlanta Falcons player Wes Shivers.

While the NFLers will certainly be more athletically gifted than Kimbo, the former YouTube sensation actually has more fighting experience than his opposition for the first time in his short MMA career.

The big threats to Kimbo’s victory will be former UFC journeymen Scott Junk and Mike Wessel, who may be able to use their savvy to outlast the inexperienced field. Chances are, the two with UFC experience will open the program as the online sports betting favorites on UFC lines.

In all actuality, Slice is a good value pick on The Ultimate Fighter 10 odds, given that he has already established semi-competent standup skills, and has actually been inside of a cage before. Just as EliteXC did, the UFC is trying to guard Kimbo to a victory in the competition, in order to cash in on his internet fanbase.

  • MR.SPEAKER says:


  • ray says:

    I hope kimbo makes it to the end or at least close to the end. I want to see him in real fights lasting longer than 5 seconds. He can be a really good ufc fighter if he acquired good ground tactics. He has the stand up if you can match it with stamina.

  • Jui jitsu kid says:

    I think this guy is a joke to the sport. He made his rep fighting in back yards and parking lots. I will agree he has hands of iron, and I would not want to take a punch in the mouth fro him, but he has no true martial arts skills. ( As demonstrated in his last fight ) Kimbo should stick to his street fighting or go into boxing. Even in his You Tube days, he lost to an overweight, out of shape fighter that only held ontohim and choked him out, wathc the fight for yourself. Kimbo you are a heavy hitter, not a MMA fighter.

  • big gunns says:

    who’s to say kimbo can’t be a great mma fight..just because he did backyard street fights that immediatly cancels him out? Anyone who believes that is ignorant you can be trained and become a great mma fighter, Kimbo was a rookie in the game so if you really expected him to go undefeated against all these mma fighters then you’re a terrible fan. Ya he lost to a guy who isn’t well known but it was a last minute addition that kimbo had never seen before so what do you expect. I expect big things from Kimbo and the ultimate fighter 10 should give him a better knowledge of mma which will then make him a monster.

  • Toscani says:

    I agree that Kimbo needs to improve his ground skill/stamina. However, make no mistake about it. This guy has been blessed with punching power/technique reminiscent of a younger Mike Tyson. If he can learn the ground game… It would propel him to an elite level. I’ve been watching this guy fight since about 2003, and I’m still amazed by his freakish power.

  • Jacob Brown says:

    To be honest, something tells me Dana White is going to ride this till the very end. Win or lose, Kimbo will probably get some fights in the ufc- just look at all the other losers from previous tuf shows… they still got to fight in future events.

    The question is… will kimbo have the heart to push forward, learn the ropes, and not give up. Any ground guy (wrestling, BJJ) will destroy slice. This will be a fun season to watch though!

  • Kevin Leong says:

    Well of course, even if he does not win the show he’ll get some fights in the UFC. The Ultimate Fighter is really not about deciding who gets a shot in the UFC, but who gets the six-figure contract.

    I think Kimbo comes out with everything he’s got. I mean lets face it, other than the street-fighting and his stint as a bouncer for some porn site, Kimbo really has nothing going on. His claim to fame is an amateur version of what his career is becoming, so he really has no choice but to succeed.

  • Prince says:

    I think most of the Kimbo’s critics are probably lames. One guy spoke on Kimbo not being a professional martial art fighter…well that is something that can be taught…what can’t be taught is heart and Kimbo has shown that. A ring is a controlled environment, where, though there is fear, it doesn’t take as much heart as going toe to toe on the streets. The biggest fear one really has in the ring is the fear of failure. I know from experience, that fear dissipates once the fight begins. Kimbo only needs training. I have met countless of so called MMA fighters who have trained and fought, however, while the skill was there, the heart wasn’t. Heart is what makes a fight, then strategy, and then technique. I have trained in martial arts and have seen instances of skilled black belts losing their courage and in turn losing their will and after that their skill became nonexistant. Give the dude a chance and instead of looking for his downfall, hope that he brings an exciting fight to the octagon. Besides there aren’t many skilled heavyweights in the ufc when compared to the talent of the other divisions.

  • James Mack says:



  • kim berndtsson says:

    Kimbo slice Vs Brock Lesnar
    Bring it on!!!

  • ro says:

    Guess what guys, a lot of mma fighters started off as regular street brawlers. Take Wanderlei Silva, he was a bare knuckle street vale judo fighter, and what about Tank abbott, an admitted bar fighter. He was one of the cornerstones of the UFC, and is actually responsible for it growing in popularity with his huge knockout power, no different then Kimbo Slice. Husoton Alexander is simlar, a good athlete who really hasnt trained in traditional martial arts. He makes good fights, either knocking people out, or getting knocked out, so to discount a guy with guts, strength, and the determination to be an mma fighter is just stupid. Its like the mma has all of the sudden become stuck up, but Everyone has to start somewhere, and from my experience, the tuffest guys to fight are those who have came from fighting off the street, and combined it with skill. They are tough as hell usually, and you cant question their heart. Some dojo/academy guys do nothing but sparr and practice, and can never actually transfer it into the ring when they go heads up. Theres a big difference. All im saying is win, lose or draw, Kimbo slice has a following, is a bonified fighter, and deserves a shot like anyone else. Whether his skills are up to par, theres only one way to test yourself, and thats in the ring.

  • Jeremy says:

    ppl might take **** on kimbo, but at his age and no training to be where he is at now he didn’t start small in cage fights that only the ppl that live there go pay 20 bucks to watch he walked straight in with the big boys. Imagine, if kimbo started training when chuck or griffen any of those guys started he would be a monster. Dana White knows now he wants kimbo in the ufc because its a bank roll for him even if kimbo loses the show bet he will still be in the ufc same reason he is letting titto come back doesn’t matter if he loses he will sell the tickets!

  • bam bam says:

    kimbo has been workin with Bas Rutten for a couple of years so his skills have no doubtedly improved. who cant improve with big Bas as ur trainer? an armless, legless person, thats who lol

  • James says:

    I want to see Brock Lesnar and kimbo fight. What do you guys think? is there a chance they will fight for the belt?

  • mmagyms says:

    James- I think Brock Lesnar would destroy Kimbo Slice in a heartbeat. Ground and striking, Brock will easily overwhelm Kimbo Slice. Here’s how the scenario plays out: Lesnar and Kimbo circle each other, Lesnar goes in for the takedown, Lesnar gets side control and starts peppering him with his famous jabs. Kimbo resists for a little bit and tries to get Lesnar in full guard. Slice shows improved ground control, but Lesnar’s power, strength and quickness dominates Slice despite being in full guard. One hundred and thirty two pepper jabs finally catches up to Slice’s face, ribs and ears. Herb Dean steps in and the fight is over. Brock Lesnar retains the heavyweight championship belt. Easy does it. Repeat steps one to three for Brock.

  • I would love to see Brock clean the octagon floor with Kimbo’s beard. Kimbo is overrated, I don’t even know why people pay attention to him anymore. If he was younger, maybe it would be different but he entered professional fighting way too late in his life.

  • mmagyms says:

    Kimbo is old, but his marketing value is still very high. People will still flock to the TV screen to watch this brawler fight. Heck, when he was in Elite XC, I couldn’t believe I waited until 1AM just to watch him on CBS station. Not sure what I was looking for, but curiosity got the best of me. With the proper training and coaching, he should be a formidable foe- but not a top tier fighter….

    Most likely comparison.. maybe Houston Alexander? Kimbo- go build your ground game ASAP!

  • John says:

    He’s like a car wreck, you just have to take a peek.

  • mma fan says:

    honestly i would like to see kimbo make it to the finals cause i bet my money rampage or rashad is going to make sure kimbo knows what to do because kimbo has good if not great punching power and has somewhat of a good takedown defense all that really needs to be done with him is work on his wrestling and teach him a lil’ jiu jitsu and he would do great in the ultimate fighter.

  • "SIR KNIGHT" says:

    In my opinion; I feel that Kimbo is an no non-sense fighter. But, this is a different ball game!

    You win some and you lose some. That’s the way it is!

    Put it this way: “I won’t f–k with him.” Not even on his bad day.

    Bottom line is: The media had blew him up, and he allowed it! I think he should have been more humble, and turned the cameras away from his training camp.

    Kimbo; I’m all in your corner man!

    PS: Just remain humble, and you don’t have to honk your horn all the time after each victory. Cz, 1 loss will count as 10 losses.

    Take care guys;

    Big Knight

  • Anthony Anagnostu says:

    Why doesnt anyone ever pick a fight with people like me? I will fight anyone right here in Port St Lucie shit I will fight anyone who wants a fight. I was raised to fight anyone who disagrees with me in my household so I think whoever wants some can get some.

  • Jeremy Longworth says:

    LOL @ Anthony Anagnostu or should I say Tony Anagnostu that you like to go by. Are you sure you want to fight just anyone non sanctioned in PSL? Considering the fact you have a felony aggravated battery charge against you? Yeah found that at criminalrecords,com. Anyhow I remember when you did get arrested for that, beating up your girlfriend. Im sure if everyone on this board knew who you were they would want a fight too.

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