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Win a RED ARME Walk-Out King’s Crest Tee

Congratulations to Sid Stiles of Jacksonville, FL. You are the lucky winner!

For this giveaway, has teamed up with clothing company Red Arme to offer our fans a chance to win ONE (1) RED ARME King’s Crest Tactical Training Apparel T-Shirt (Green). The King’s Crest T-Shirt product was featured in the “New Gear” section of Fight! Magazine. We are proud to join forces with RED ARME to hold this special promotion.

How do I win? Please add a comment on this post explaining why we should pick you to win and let us know who your favorite MMA fighter is. Provide your name & a valid email address (how else can we contact you?) It’s that simple. As always, you can earn extra entries by spreading the word on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, etc… We will choose ONE winner at random on October 19th, 2009 and announce it right here on All winners will be notified by email and have 3 days to respond, if there is no response, we will pick another winner at random.

1) Add a comment to this post (Why you should win & who your favorite fighter is?)
2) Provide name and valid email address
3) Spread the word on Twitter, Facebook, MySpace, etc. (if possible)
4) Winner will be randomly selected on 10/19/2009
5) We’ll announce winner and email them (So provide a valid email)
6) Winner will receive their prize (Tee)

T-Shirt description: Red Arme Tactical Training Apparel is designed by an influential artist in Tokyo, Japan. The Short Arm Sheath (“S.A.S.”) is composed of 100% combed ring spun pre-shrunk cotton for quick water absorption. It is piece dyed for improved breath ability. It has shoulder to shoulder taping for enhanced durability and double need cover stitching for optimum support. Each garment is enzyme washed and side seamed for tactical maneuvering.

The King’s Crest Fatigue is bestowed upon a Red Arme operative at the completion of training. It represents the significance and honor of being accepted within this elite community. It is a crest worthy of only a King.

The Pharos logo represents the Inner Sanctum and is positioned on the back of the garment. This Red Arme emblem is often used by operatives in the form of a light beacon to indicate location and/or communicate other strategic information during tactical operations.


Background:– Mission Statement: A Fearless Heart A Willing Combatant.

The original Red Army or Workers’ Peasants’ Red Army was the armed forces organized in 1918 by the Bolsheviks during the Russian Civil War. The Red Army was arguably the largest army in history until the fall of the Soviet Union. The term “Red” officially stood for the blood of the working class in its struggle against capitalism and for the belief that all are equal.

Our Red Arme (red är’mç) was born in 2009 with the Manifesto, “A Fearless Heart A Willing Combatant.” This credo embodies the spirit of a true warrior. A Red Arme Combatant does not seek out violence or conflict, but will go to any means to defend a commitment to a life of truth, honour and respect. This is very similar to what each MMA fighter believes when they enter the ring.

Red Arme’s Founder always had an entrepreneurial spirit. The love of mixed martial arts brought out an idea he knew he had to follow. He wanted to create a brand that would encompass MMA as not only a sport but also a culture. Armed with a small budget and big dreams, he used his greatest asset, his networking skills to build a name that speaks to the world of MMA. It speaks not only to the fighters, but also to those who dream of becoming one. The idea behind the brand is to give the individual who wears a Red Arme shirt the feeling of being a part of something that is representative of a group that speaks to the masses. Each shirt was created to fit the body just as would armour of a soldier before he goes to war. The brand aims to promote leadership, loyalty and discipline.

The apparel industry is posturing. It has become less alternative and more mainstream. The marketplace is swamped with highly capitalized corporate entities masquerading as independent brands and labels. That is not us. Red Arme is an apparel line designed for the most demanding individuals who are not interested in following the pack, but leading their own. It is a brand not designed for everyone. In fact, a core component behind our product line is our commitment to exclusivity and truth.

Red Arme Tactical Training Apparel is based out of New York City and is invading the shores and the stores near you.

Red Arme is not just a clothing line, it is a culture.

If you think you have what it takes, the Red Arme invites you to join the invasion.

ra-mma junkie banner-300x250redarme-shirt


Congratulations to Sid Stiles of Jacksonville, FL.  You are the lucky winner!

  • mmagyms says:

    Good luck everybody! These shirts are great.

  • JJ says:

    I should win because I’m the first to comment.

    Mayhem Miller is my favorite fighter, not only is he absolutely hilarious but he’s also an excellent grappler and always in an exciting fight.

  • Bob says:

    its a cool shirt and i dont have a favorite MMA fighter

  • Dan Jason says:

    I should win the red arme t-shirt because I can’t afford to buy myself one. Also, because I am the first person to post. My favorite MMA fighter is Chuck Liddell because he shows great sportsmanship whether he wins or losses.

  • Kat says:

    The reason I should win the tshirt…. have you ever seen a 57 year old women wear an MMA tshirt? I think not so! I totally am hooked on MMA or any type of martial arts fighting and my favorite fighter is GSP… he is so easy on the eye and he is a GREAT fighter. My least fighter that I want to see get his ASS wooped is Brock Lestner. Someone needs to shut his face!!!

  • Brian Reynolds says:

    I think the shirt is sick, why not rock it? my favorite fighter is GSP he is just crazy

  • S. Kim says:

    This is a great looking shirt. I would love to win it. I’ve been an MMA fan for over 12 years. My favorite fighter is GSP. Thanks!

  • brent says:

    that is one ass kicking looking shirt. love me some gsp. i’d walk out to that in a fight. 🙂

  • Nina says:

    I would like to win this shirt for my husband. He’s a huge MMA fan and his favorite fighter is Chuck Lidell.

  • Jeff S. says:

    BJ Penn is my favorite MMA fighter. I also like Chris Cyborg. This is a sweet shirt and I would like to show it off to my MMA friends.

  • Chris H. says:

    This shirt is off the chain… i think i shld win this shirt bc i am an all out MMA Fan….n my favorite fighter is Chuck “The Iceman” Liddel

  • Chris says:

    this shirt is tight…i would like to win this shirt for my cousin that is training to be an MMA fighter and he would love this shirt…and my favortie fighter is Brock Lesner

  • Shannon says:

    I Love MMA!! That shirt is killer and I would love to have it. Favorite fighter is Chuck Liddell.

  • Nick Stiles says:

    I should win this shirt because then I would wear it to school and BJJ tournaments, sort of like when Tap Out sponsors a fighter. I am 12 years old and well-known on the kids tournament circuit, I have won several championship belts and numerous medals and trophies (everyone should check out and subscribe to my fights on youtube – search “Nick Stiles”). My favorite fighter is my BJJ instructor, current middleweight world champion Daniel Moraes.

  • I like the old world warrior look of Red Arme designs. My favorite fighter is Lyoto Machida.
    I’ve added a link on my facebk for all our friends to check out Red Arme.

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