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Donald Cerrone interview at UFC Gym: Corona grand opening

It’s clear how Donald “The Cowboy” Cerrone feels about Cole Miller. As soon as his name came up, Donald immediately responded,

“[Expletive] that bum.”

When pressed on why he feels such animosity towards Cole, he responded:

“I just don’t like him…not because of him beating Leonard [Garcia], nah, I don’t think that’s any reason, but just the way…his attitude prior to the fight and after the fight, and just his overall attitude now…I just don’t like the dude. And I plan on calling him out until I get that fight; as a fighter I want it, I want it, I want it, and if I gotta chase his [expletive] down to 145 then I will.”

He also stated that “[The fight] is gonna happen, 100 percent.”

On the tension between Rashad Evans and Jon Jones, Cerrone’s torn. As a member of the Jackson fighting camp, Cerrone’s stuck having to juggle his loyalties: one being with a recently ex-teammate and good friend, and the other with a current, successful teammate. On the controversy, Cerrone stated,

“Man, Rashad left camp, but Rashad was there, I mean we were like a family, you know, and he was there before everybody when it was just Rashad and KJ, you know, and that’s where my aisle sits…I’m a Rashad fan to the end, and that’s how I feel, so whether he left camp or not, I’m in Rashad’s corner…Rashad’s a good friend of mine, man, I talk to him all the time, it sucks to see him have to leave the team because of a bunch of [expletive], so yeah, I’m hurt by the situation.”

On Jones:

“Jones is a good dude, man, he’s young, and he’s talented, and he’s got all the right weapons and all the right tools. He’s a cool dude; I got nothing bad to say about him.

I had a chance to ask him about TapOut Ranch, a new 10-acre housing/training facility he purchased in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

“It’s going very well, man, we just got the gym completely built up, though it aint nothing like the one you guys got here, but [expletive], it’s good, man, I love it. Leonard [Garcia]’s been on the road all month, so he gets back, and we’ve got 25 guys out there right now, so things are going good…We got a bunch of up-and-comers; that’s the plan, man, to build them up.”

Cerrone’s also recently became a big fan of Mark Hominick after his latest performance against Jose Aldo. While he admitted he’s not the biggest “fan” of the sport and doesn’t watch all the fights, his favorite fighters to watch are the guys that “just throw down and say ‘[expletive] it’ and stand their ground.”

It’s no surprise, considering Cerrone’s definitely one of those guys. No stranger to “Fight of the Night” honors, he’s never afraid to bang and trade blows.

By: Kevin Leong

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