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Video: How to Rear Naked Choke?

The rear naked choke (or RNC) is a chokehold in martial arts applied from an opponent’s back. Depending on the context, the term may refer to one of two variations of the technique, either arm can be used to apply the choke in both cases. The term rear naked choke likely originated from the technique in Jujutsu and Judo known as the “Hadaka Jime”, or “Naked Strangle.” The word “naked” in this context suggests that, unlike other strangulation techniques found in Jujutsu/Judo, this hold does not require the use of a keikogi (“gi”) or training uniform.

The choke has two variations:

  1. The attacker’s arm encircles the opponent’s neck and then grabs his own biceps on the other arm
  2. The attacker clasps his hands together instead after encircling the opponent’s neck.

You must have access to your opponent’s back to pull this off. From there you curl one arm around the their neck, bicep against one side of the neck, forearm against the other. Then you tugs it close and place the hand of the choking arm on the bicep of their other arm as that arm comes up behind the opponent’s head and touches their hair. Last, the applier tucks their head, expands their chest, and squeezes.

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