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TCB Fight Factory

At TCB Fight Factory in the Northwest Arkansas city of Rogers, we’re all about training on a personal level. In our business, it’s a lot easier to “talk the talk” than to “walk the walk.” Other gyms says they can offer you these things but in reality, their promises crumble to the ground, just like their fighters.
We don’t only offer one area of instructions, we offer them all. With over a century of fighting blood pumping through our veins and over 200 combined experience of our staff, the choice is simple; choose TCB to be the best and unleash the gladiator in you.

Whether you”re looking to compete with yourself or win a world title, we are your one stop training destination. With hours from 9AM-10PM Mon thru Fri, we will have time for you. Come train next to our world class powerhouse fight team and see what makes us the real deal, not the imitaion.

TCB Fight Factory is an affiliate of Straight Blast Gym International (SBGi).

  • danny says:

    this gym has bben the best gym i have been to i highly recommend them if want to really challenge yourself they will for you or go and stop by, its a really badass place to train believe me!

  • Squirley says:

    F*ck these guys man, they made me train. I like the other gyms where I can go there and stand around and say i’m a part of their gym and look cool when I wear their shirts around town. These guys actually train and work to get as bad ass as they are. We’re bad ass cause we wear the shirts.

    I wubz you A.K.

  • sho yo roll says:

    Don’t go to this gym if you wanna be “the top dog” hell I’m a pro fighter that’s trained at 8 different facilities and I couldn’t hang with any of the fight team guys. I got out wrestled, out jitzed, and for SURE out boxed. Def where you wanna be if you’re trying to go to the top. Seems like everyone there is a top notch pro. Keep up the good work fellaz!

  • Mama T says:

    TCB is not just a gym. When you walk through that door, you aren’t looking at weights and treadmills with soccer moms in the next room sweating to the newest pilates dvd. You’re walking into a seriously hardcore Training Facility. You WILL definitely sweat, you WILL be tired and sore, you may even bleed. But in the end, they will mold you into the best you can possibly be. You’ll have the opportunity to train right next to actual cage fighters. And maybe even one day, be able to become one yourself, if you so choose. Aaron Kimball is one of the best trainers / coaches in the region. He puts 100% of his time and effort into TCB. And it definitely shows.

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