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Abrigo Martial Arts

At Abrigo Martial Arts in Culver City/Los Angeles, our goal is make sure the everyone can enjoy the art of self-defense in a safe and fun environment for kids and adults to learn. We are a traditional school of Martial Arts. That means, we learn Martial Arts for self-defense purpose. We train Martial Arts to build better character, self-confidense, self-esteem, honor, courage, and to reach our full potential. Our adults program is one of the best program out there. They are easy to comprehend and very useful. We also train very hard. After all, we may have to save our life or someone’s life some day. Since we teach 2 Martial Arts at the same time, every student that reach all the way to Black Belt will receive 2 Black Belts.

Our staff and members work together to make our new comers feel welcome and safe. Our instructors are constantly training and learning new ways to teach our students better and succeed on there personal goals in Martial Arts. We look at ourselves a “Martial Arts Family”. That means, we help one another with each kick, punch , in sparring, forms and self-defense techniques.

Fitness is part of our training. Abrigo Martial Art have a variety of classes that adults can enjoy. We try to make sure that each student are being challenged and guide them to reach their individual goals.

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