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Academy of World Martial Arts

Academy of World Martial Arts, located in Vista, California, is the only school in San Diego that teaches Jeet Kune Do, Thai Boxing, Krabi Krabong, Kali and Silat. Check out our site for more details! Sifu James D. Stacy has been in the Martial arts since 1988.

James Stacy is a teacher of Thai boxing certified under Ajarn Chai Sirisute President of the Thai Boxing Association of The U.S.A.. He is also certified under Terry Gibson In Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do (Bruce Lee’s Style), Kali (Filipino Weaponry), Silat (Indonesian grappling) and Ground Fighting. He is also Certified By Dan Inosanto in Kali and has been the Youth Program Director and head instructor of the Kids and Teens classes for three years. He has also fought in the Dog Brother gatherings and is a Personal Trainer in the Dog Brothers Martial arts. He has studied the Korean arts for four years earning his Black Belt in Moon Moo Do. This art used joint locks and pressure points along with the very familiar kicking that is the basis of most Korean systems. He is Trained under Col. Nattapong in Krabi Krabong the weapon art of Thai Boxing that uses double sword, single sword, club, single sword and shield and mysok. One unique thing about this weapon art is the fact that kicks are used with the weaponry.

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