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Bang Bang Power Fit – MMA & Fitness Studio

Bang Bang Power Fit- MMA and Fitness Studio in Los Angeles, California, has the only octagon ring on the Westside! No membership fees, no contracts. Classes are donation based. Private classes available for MMA, Muay Thai, Submission Wrestling, Boxing, Kali and general fitness.

“BANG BANG Power Fit” is a longtime dream realized. Our goal was to create an alternative Mixed Martial Arts and Fitness facility with a safe and nurturing environment. We offer progressive training and instruction for all levels of experience and fitness. The donation based classes are a testament to the confidence we have in the quality of our programs. All ages welcome!

  • Best “BANG” for your buck! No Membership fees. No contracts. Donation based classes!
    I don’t know of any other gyms that operates like this in California. Not only is their philosophy regarding not collecting monthly dues different and refreshing, the studio actually has a REAL CAGE and the BEST instructors in California.

    For all you hardcore fighters, now is your chance to showcase your skills inside the cage. I mean, if you are rolling around a studio with no octagon, is it really MMA?

    My favorite class is the PCT Boot-camp, which combines a fast paced, low impact, full body weight training circuit, in addition, all the exercises focus on strengthening the core, as well as kicking & punching the heavy bags… Nothing makes me feel more fulfilled and invigorated than hearing the loud SMACK when I kick, punch, elbow and knee the bags. I love it.

    One hour of this mega calorie burner (I burn 1,200 calories per session), one to three times per week and I’ve lost over 10 pounds. I feel amazing!!! My cardiovascular endurance keeps going up as my body fat continues to drop.

    The instructors are EXPERTS and LOVE what they do. Rodrigo Armstrong, owner/operator of BANG BANG, teaches all the “donation” based classes and he also works with students one-on-one. When it comes to MMA, he is a master. Seriously, I’ve seen him submit black belts in Jiu Jitsu within seconds.

    Richard Salgado (owner/operator), is one of the best BOXING coaches I’ve ever seen. I’ve watched him coach people with no skills or experience and within a few months, they become fighting machines.

    Rich also is a Personal Trainer. I find it fascinating that his clients always seem to magically transform from “Average Housewives” into “SUPERMODELS”, and the “Average Joe” into “Mr. Right On”.

    The class schedule is as follows:

    PCT (boot-camp): Monday & Wednesday @ 7am, Tuesday & Thursday @ 5:30pm, Saturday @ 10am.

    MMA Bootcamp: Tuesday & Thursday @ 7am, Monday & Wednesday @ 5:30pm.

    MMA (beginner-advanced): Monday-Thursday @ 8am & 6:30pm, Saturday @ 12pm.

    Youth MMA Bootcamp: Saturday @11am. (Age 8-18).

    Come support these lovely people. They are dedicated and cater to their clients. This is NOT your average “Big Corporation”, run by executives, dressed in suits with beer bellies.

    Rod and Rich started BANG BANG for real people, for the average and disadvantaged folks that want to get in shape and learn MMA.

    In my opinion, anyone willing to set up their studio with a “KARMA JAR” at the front desk for donations, deserves to be wildly successful. Who knows? If BANG BANG is an overwhelming success, perhaps the “big gym businessmen” will adopt a similar philosophy… Now I’ve gone too far. All well… a girl can dream, can’t she?

    A. Newman

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