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Blue Dragon Martial Arts of Chula Vista

Blue Dragon Martial Arts is a Mixed Martial Arts training center in Chula Vista, California, and offers Karate, Jiu Jitsu, Muay Thai, and Boxing instruction with New Breed Fighter trainer Master Tony Caravelli, who has been at the forefront of the mixed martial arts revolution training with champions in the MMA world such as the legendary Frank Shamrock.  Master Caravelli has trained Police, Military personnel (from Navy Seals to Force Recon Marines), and plenty of kids — several of whom have gone on to win national and state championships in Karate competitions.

Martial arts training yields benefits that will last your lifetime – but you’ll only get out what you put into it.  Knowing when and how to defend yourself in a physical confrontation can save your life one day, but martial arts isn’t entirely about fighting. It’s also about self-confidence, motivation, self-improvement, and it will help keep you physically fit.

Effort, good manners, and friendly behavior is expected from students both inside the dojo and out.  Developing strength and fighting skills without good character traits and dicipline is a ticket to disaster for the martial arts student and the community.

Our students consistently achieve first-place honors in the most prestigious martial arts competitions, and more importantly, they exhibit confidence, self-discipline, and respect for themselves and others in their daily lives.

During training, you’ll find you become focused on the task at hand and the stresses of the day dissolve. Your confidence grows as you master each new technique and skill. Your body grows stronger, more flexible, and your balance improves steadily.

Then one day you find yourself almost effortlessly performing a series of complex kata’s, breaking a board or a brick, or placing a formidable opponent into a submission hold during sparring practise.

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