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Carley Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Academy

The Carley Gracie Academy in San Francisco offers small group classes and training sessions as well as private and semi-private instruction and coaching. Carley Gracie, lion of the Gracie family of Brazil, practices and teaches the unique martial art known as the Brazilian or Gracie style of jiu-jitsu. The Gracie style is recognized to be the most effective fighting art in the world today.

Carley’s achievements are legendary in the Gracie family. He was Brazilian professional national champion from 1969 through 1972 in both competition jiu-jitsu and Vale Tudo (“everything goes”), and received his seventh degree black belt at the unprecedented age of twenty-two. His professional record is unparalleled within the Gracie family. Known in Brazil as O Indestrutível (” the indestructible one”), he could break up a dispute among Gracies simply by offering to join in the fray. Carley Gracie is the only member of his generation who has never been defeated in any match, public or private, not even within the Gracie family!

There are three separate mats, as well as dressing rooms and showers, at the HRK Martial Arts Center.  Class size is limited to 10-12 students per group, so there is plenty of mat space for every student and lots of personal attention from the instructor.

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