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Cia Paulista Jiu-Jitsu Company

Cia Paulista Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) Company in Sacramento, California, is your opportunity to train and compete in Brazil’s elite sport with master sensei and multi-tournament champion André Glodzinski.  Team André brings the esteemed Cia Paulista heritage to Sacramento students.  Ours is the only Cia Paulista Academy in Northern California.

Sensei André Glodzinski has himself trained under and competed with the top names in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. Having built his reputation in Brazil, Hawaii, Southern California and locally, he is now building Team André to carry the Cia Paulista name into the future.  Just as important, André shares his love of jiu-jitsu and its amazing power with everyone who seeks more fitness, self-esteem and respect in their lives.

Yes, jiu-jitsu trains your body. You ARE going to get in shape — and quickly, too.  But it’s really about training your mind.  The most important muscle in BJJ is the brain. Here you’ll learn to gain advantage by thinking your moves. You’ll learn values and respect. You’ll become strong and tough, able to defend yourself and carry yourself well in any situation.  And you will be an esteemed member of our Cia Paulista family.

Why train with anyone else?  Team André is genuine Cia Paulista.  André has a direct training line to the three leading members of Cia Paulista: Waldomiro Perez Júnior, Milton César Maximiano Trombini and Marcelo Behring.

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