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Combat Sports Academy

Combat Sports Academy, located in Dublin, California, is the premier spot to train in MMA, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ), Muay Thai, Self Defense, Cross fit, and Krav Maga. CSA’s instructors are world class having backgrounds in MMA (Cage combat, Strikeforce, King of the cage), Muay Thai (US National Team, Muay Thai Coach), BJJ (Pan-American’s, grappler’s quest), Cross Fit Certified, Black Belt and Certified Krav Maga specialists, and we cannot leave out our instructors dedication in the kids programs (Junior MMA specialists).

Our training center is equipped with a 5,000 square foot training center divided into a caged BJJ and MMA training area, matted free work area, heavy bag system set up on tracks for easy mobility, pole bags, full size ring, and cross fit training center. Whether you want to train to fit competitively or want to training to stay in shape and have more confidence, CSA is the place you go to learn effective combat sports!

  • Jason says:

    I was looking for a gym for my son and my nephews and took them to “several” of them to try. Most were too expensive and the training was specialized in one area but not very strong in others. The biggest thing I look for is the coaching staff, most gyms unfortunately have instructors that don’t really have the level of either certifications in their respective discipline, or they haven’t had the tournaments required to actually be respected by the fighter community. When I met coach K, my boys had an opportunity to take classes from him, they were completely inspired and motivated. They had no problem doing workouts that were 2 and a half hours to 3 hours long, to include the jui jitsu and Muay Thai, wrestling or the Crossfit.

    When you look at the coaching staff which as a parent is my biggest concern, the staff is probably the most impressive” Coach K has multiple back belts and is certified to teach Muay Thai from master Toddy, and is miletich certified. His wrestling coach is an “All American wrestler, a world champion jiu jitsu instructor, a professional boxing coach, and a world class cross fit instructor that teaches and trains pro athletes. The bottom line is this. Don’t be like me, going to other gyms trying to find the best one. In the end you will end up at CSA, Why? because they have the best instructors a great facility and the environment has no attitude, everybody helps one another to get better, and if you don’t want to be an “actual fighter” you don’t have to. All the fighters and non fighters still support one another in a positive way, and the coaching staff treats everyone the same too.

  • David Jungmann says:

    Best gym I’ve been to!!! This is the third gym I’ve been to in 2 years and this is the only one that teaches Thai, MMA, Boxing, Brazilian Jujitsu (BJJ), Wrestling, Krav Maga and Cross Fit. Coach Kirian is dedicated to the perfection of teaching the combat arts and he eats, lives and breathes to train you to be the best. If you want to fight he will get you ready for it and he’ll be in your corner when you do and if you just want to train, he will whip you into shape. Whatever your goal is he’ll get you there.

    The coaching staff is top notch and picked from the best. The combo fit coach is amazing and his work out will get anybody in to top shape. The BJJ coach is an accomplished BJJ practitioner with a recent NAGA Gold medal in the black belt division and the boxing coach is an accomplished coach that used to train Olympic boxers. Coach Kirian personally trains the Krav Maga and Thai classes and both classes are a combination of cardio and technique.

    The gym itself has all the latest equipment including new mats, a large training area, boxing ring and full size cage which can double as a training area. The gym has enough pads, bags and mitts to accommodate very large Thai and boxing classes and the combo fit area is spacious and stocked with all the equipment you need to get in shape. The facility has plenty of parking and is very close to the 580/ 680 intersection too.

    CSA is the home to multiple PRO level Thai fighters and MMA fighters (male and female). CSA has also brought home some Championship Belts in Muay Thai and Coach Kirian has personally trained the champions to that championship level. He supports them and coaches in their corner during a fight whether the fight is in the SF Bay, Vegas, Thailand or South Korea.

    Remember that the staff is there to train you to your fitness goals. The gym looks intimidating at first but that will quickly melt away once you meet the staff and other members. There are no big egos or huge heads here and the atmosphere is one of family. Support for one another is the common denominator and everyone looks out for each other. When I walk into this gym it feels like home and I’ve never felt that anywhere but at CSA.

    If you are interested check it out for two weeks free with no pressure to join. This will be the best gym you have ever been to.

  • Jerry says:

    I dont buy into all of the hoopla of this place. Its like buying a new car, the smell is great at first, but then it wears off in a few weeks. There are much better places out there to train. The silent ownership of this place is extremely shady.

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