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C-Quence Jiu Jitsu- Norco

C-Quence Jiu Jitsu in Norco, California.  This is not an alliance of four different schools, but a union into one school.  They do not come together only during tournaments to acquire more points, but instead they train together and develop each other.  They use similar training methods, teaching philosophies and competition strategy.  They each maintain their own Brazilian Jiu-jitsu school in Norco, Riverside, and Fontana, but they now operate as one, under the flag of C-Quence Jiu-jitsu.

C-Quence Jiu Jitsu classes are open to men, women (co-ed) and children—you’ll learn effective submission wrestling, cage fighting and grappling techniques for competition, self-defense, fitness, or just for the fun and personal challenge. So if you’re in the Redlands, Yucaipa, Loma Linda, Highland, Beaumont, or Mentone area, and want a well-rounded BJJ /MMA training program, check out Pinnacle Jiu-jitsu.

We invite you to visit any of the locations to experience what they offer and become a member of this elite school of C-Quence Jiu-jitsu.

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