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Crew Self Defense University

Crew Self Defense University is located in Santee, California, and offers training in Tao Qi Aiki, which is a blend of kempo, chuan fa, escrima, judo, aikido, wrestling, boxing, and fencing. Our head instructor George Crew began his study in the oriental arts in 1959 and still practices to this day.   We teach grappling, throws, joint locks, pressure points, nerve series, meditation, strikes, chokes, breaks, and responsibility among other things.  With so many options this system is a welcome for anyone’s technical background. If not to learn, then to keep fresh on that which you know.  As we teach in our family, constant practice of the techniques is accentual to keeping the techniques alive.

All those who come in peace are welcome to practice.  We encourage all to come in and see if it works for you.  Whether you are a man, woman, child, big, small, short, tall, etc you can learn.  The only thing stopping you is yourself.

We look forward to meeting you.  Feel free to bring your gi or sweats with you and try a class with us. S ee if you like it. Peace be with you and thank you for reading about our school.  We are honored to have each of you with us.

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