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CSW Training Center

Erik Paulson’s Combat Submission Wrestling Seminar is the most dominant Mixed Martial Arts training system available. CSW is a blend of STX Kickboxing, Jun Fan Kickboxing, Muay Thai, French Savate, Western Boxing, Greco-Roman and Freestyle Wrestling, Shooto, Filipino Dumog, Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. It encompasses three areas: Kickboxing, Clinching and Grappling which focuses on Submission Wrestling, Submission Fighting and Self-Defense.

Erik Paulson runs the CSW Training Center in Fullerton, Califoria, where he trains MMA fighters such as Josh Barnett, Ken Shamrock, Cub Swanson, Ginelle Marquez, and is closely affiliated with Sean Sherk and Brock Lesnar of the Minnesota Martial Arts Academy. Erik Paulson is the three time World Shooto Champion, the only American to ever achieve this.

  • jamari harris says:

    how much do classes cost 4 beginners???

  • me says:

    Go M-Th around 5pm and ask if you can check things out. They will give you all the information!

  • […] Nerd caught up with Eric Paulson, former Shooto Light Heavyweight Champion and head trainer at CSW Training Center, to discuss MMA, Brock Lesnar, Fedor, respect and possibly fighting again. Great interview […]

  • Erik Paulson, is one of the most knowledgeable instructors in MMA today! His training program is awesome,it’s like an out of body experience. CSW training academy is an outstanding facility with great instructors in all facets of Combat Arts. Erik doesn’t get the credit he really deserves because of the politics associated within the top MMA arena and some of his fighters have made poor decisions. Long Live Combat Submission Wrestling and much love to the Paulson’s and the CSW Warrior Crew Arc-angels for-ever!

  • tomas morales says:

    ive trained at a few gyms before but i have never loved a gym more than this one. i hate when i cant go train. no one here has an ego, everyone is willing to help you learn and there really is a bunch of great fighters/people in this gym but no one walks around thinking they are tough. Erik is very easy going and very smart about techniques and why they will or wont work in certain situations.

  • Boris says:

    This is a awesome gym in the OC. It is in the top 25 MMA gyms in the WORLD. Not country, but in the World. I went here for 6 months and went to a open rolling session in Pasadena and ripped everyone in half. My training session were awesome with Erik Paulson, Josh Barnett, and Ben the Badger showing some sick submissions and awesome striking by Marvin Cook. I would recommend this gym to everyone wanting to learn some serious MMA.

  • fabian says:

    This is an excellent MMA gym! Erik Paulson knows so much about martials Arts/MMA its ridiculous!!!! I’d say he’s an encyclopedia of martial arts knowledge but that is not fair to him because I’m pretty sure he knows more then could be fit into an encyclopida. (no i am not exaggerating) Erik is very freindly and easy to talk to and teaches regularly. It’s not common to have a teacher that can and will show the BJJ way, the catch wrestling way, and the shooto way to do a submission!
    The gym is always clean and is truly first rate. Plenty of mat space, plenty of heavy bags and a full size cage.
    Bruce Wilkerson and Marvin Cook are also great teachers and haved a weatlh of knoweldge! The other instructors are awesome as well! I can’t say anything bad about this place it really should be rated much higher then it’s current 3.88 medals.
    If you’re lookiing for the real deal when it comes to MMA instruction you’re not going to find a better place that offers group classes. I know this because I was a student there for 2 years.

  • Jeff says:

    great gym, trained there for a couple of years now. Erik Paulson is an unbelieveable wealth of knoweledge. The gym is very clean and is very big also. Cage, ring, and big mat space. They also have Mark Sells and Bruce Wilkerson teaching kickboxing, and are both very good, veteran instructors. They also bring in Savate coach Nicolas Saignac frequently. Their kickboxing classes freely mix Savate and Muay Thai, which they call STX kickboxing, for Savate Thai crosstraining. It is an unbelievable kickboxing method. Same for Erik’s CSW, which is a mix of BJJ, Catchwrestling, Sambo, Judo, and some other grappling arts. I know of no other instructor that is as fluent in both catchwrestling and BJJ as Erik is. This is truly the best MMA gym in OC, with the most knowledgable coach, Erik Paulson. Should be 5 stars for this gym, as no other gym in OC comes close.

  • Christopher Lee says:

    Can anyone recommend an affiliate or a friend/similar teaching style of the gym that teaches in Northern California San Francisco/Bay Area?

  • droc says:

    Hi Chris

    So far, CSW doesn’t list any affiliated locations in the Bay Area. Best bet is to check their site below for updates, or better yet, check out the gyms already established around you that you can find here!

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