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David Kerr Mixed Martial Arts

David Kerr MMA in Pasadena, California, offers systematic customized training for self-protection derived from street fighting applications, cardio Muay Thai kickboxing, Jiu Jitsu and Wing Chun martial arts to form simple, efficient, effective, and explosive techniques.

  • Evan says:

    Sifu Kerr is the best hand to hand instructor in the SGV.Pracitcal self defense/street fighting rooted in basic wing chun,with kickboxing and chinese grappling.The art of JKD w/out JKD.He was one of Tom Wong’s best students and definitely his best fighter, but doesn’t claim lineage…it’s MMA/JKD not traditional Wing Chun.If you’re looking for classic martial arts or a studio of tatted down MMA jocks, this isn’t the place for you.But if you want to learn real street fighting from a true master, look no further.You won’t get the workout of you’re life, but you’ll get real knowledge, plus become a world class striker in a year or two. Hit us up.

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