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Fearless Fitness

Fearless Fitness strives to provide a safe and effective facility to learn, train, and develop Martial Arts skills. We offer fun and exciting Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Western Martial Arts (WMA), and Fearless Fitness Intensity Training (FFIT) classes for men, women, and children.  If you want to learn practical and effective Martial Arts techniques, improve your physical fitness and conditioning, and get a great workout, come and visit our state of the art 6,500 square foot facility in San Mateo, California, and see what Fearless Fitness can do for you.

Class Descriptions

Fearless Fitness offers classes that will fit just about any student’s needs. Whether you or your family are interested in learning about the modern sport of Mixed Martial Arts or the medieval battlefield techniques of Western Martial Arts, learning hand-to-hand combat or how to fight with weapons, getting some exercise or pushing yourself to your limit, Fearless Fitness has the class for you.

Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) – is an intense combat sport in which competitors use a wide variety of fighting techniques including striking, takedowns, and grappling to their strategic and tactical advantage. The history of Mixed Martial Arts can be traced back to ancient Greece where it was introduced as Pankration in early Olympic games and continued to be one of the most popular sporting events until the rise of the Roman Empire. Mixed Martial Arts reemerged in Brazil back in the 1920’s but didn’t gain widespread publicity until 1993 when The Ultimate Fighting Championship was created. Today, Mixed Martial Arts is the fastest growing sport in the world.

MMA Striking (Basics / Advanced)
The Striking classes focus on proper striking techniques utilizing hands, feet, elbows, and knees. Fundamental offensive and defensive skills along with stances and footwork are taught in the Basics class. Conditioning, heavy bag, and pad drills are emphasized. The Advanced class is where you will learn the proper timing and distance to apply the techniques through contact drills and sparring.

MMA Takedowns
This class will develop the skills and techniques necessary to take the fight to the ground or keep it standing up. Throws and sweeps will be taught as well as defensive techniques to counter takedowns and minimize impact from throws.

MMA Grappling (Basics / Advanced)
The Grappling classes concentrate on offensive strikes and submissions as well as defensive escapes and reversals. This is where you learn how to finish the fight on the ground. The Basics class will introduce the various positions and their advantages and/or disadvantages. Strikes from the ground as well as defensive escapes and reversals are taught. The Advanced class will teach submission techniques involving the neck, arms, legs, shoulders, ankles, and wrists. Position transitioning and energy management are reinforced.

Kids (MMA / WMA)
Our Kids classes are fun, high-energy sessions emphasizing physical fitness, conditioning, coordination, and concentration while learning fundamental self-defense techniques. As their skills improve, students may earn the opportunity to further develop their skills through light sparring. We offer children an environment to develop self-esteem, confidence, discipline, and respect for others.

Western Martial Arts (WMA) Sword fighting – refers to the fighting techniques of European origin. Through the study of historical texts and documents, we reconstruct the fighting styles of the prominent 15th and 16th century masters in our German Longsword and Italian Sidesword classes.

WMA German Longsword
The Longsword, sometimes referred to as a hand and a half sword or bastard sword, is a two handed weapon that is light enough to be used with one hand. Dating from the medieval and early Renaissance period, the longsword was common amongst all the cultures of Europe. We teach the German style of longsword techniques based on the system of Johannes Liechtenauer. The weapon is varied and complete using cutting, thrusting, striking, and grappling techniques.

WMA Italian Sidesword
The Italian Sidesword, sometimes referred to as a cut and thrust sword, represents the time period when the sword was evolving from the most recognized “knightly sword” to the rapier, for civilian use. The sidesword would also slowly evolve into other variants for battlefield use, most notably the back sword. This particular time in swordplay offers a wide range of techniques in cutting and thrusting as well as striking with the pommel and grappling. The sidesword was also commonly paired with an offhand weapon such as the dagger, cloak, buckler, or even a second sidesword. Fearless Fitness starts its curriculum with the Bolognese (Italian) system drawing from such masters as Achille Marazzo, Antonio Manciolino, and Giovanni dall’Agocchie.

FFIT (Fearless Fitness Intensity Training) Workout – Have fun, get fit and learn real Martial Arts techniques in these high-energy cardio workouts. Monthly private consultations help you set measurable goals and achieve them. Weekly progress checks keep you on target. Our fun and varied workouts are scaled for every fitness level. You will never get bored in this program!

Kung Fu (Choy Lay Fut Style) – Develop your mind, body and spirit through the learning of Choy Lay Fut Kung Fu. Improve your discipline, confidence, respect, focus and determination.

Self Defense – No rules, no referee, no second chance. The best Self Defense skill is to avoid a confrontation altogether. We build on awareness and common sense as your best defense in the real world. However, when that fails or a situation escalates too quickly, then you may have to physically defend yourself. The skills and techniques that are learned in Mixed Martial Arts are so practical and effective that the application and transition to Self Defense is really very simple. The main difference is the target area and intent.

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