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Fit Athletic

Fit Athletic is the first luxury fitness club in Downtown San Diego, California, and is located in the middle of the newly revitalized and quickly developing East Village area. It is specifically designed for the urban young professional who wants more than the inexpensive run-of-the-mill gym membership.

Our Martial Arts program consists of the following classes:

BAG CIRCUIT/MUAY THAI: Great calorie burning stress relieving fun! Smash the bags with punches, kicks, knees, and elbow strikes! Combine that with serious body sculpting and strengthening mat exercises. A fun challenge for anyone! (Boxing Gloves and hand wraps are required for this class and are available for purchase in the mat room)

COMBAT KETTLEBELLS: Strength and conditioning in one. A Russian giravoy sport has been employed by the military for over 100 years as strength and conditioning tool. Today it is used by elite athletes from the UFC to the NFL! This class is for anyone who wants to get leaner and stronger!

HAGANAH: Street lethal self defense techniques and strategy developed by Israeli Special Forces. This class teaches the methods employed by military, law enforcement, and private security personnel world wide to best be prepared for an attack. This class is for anyone who would prefer not to be a victim!

MMA CONDITIONING: This class incorporates the training methods and techniques that mixed martial arts fighters use to build their strength, agility and striking power! This class is for anyone who wants a great workout and to get out a little aggression!

NO GI JIU JITSU: The martial art made famous by the Brazilian family named Gracie, Jiu Jitsu has proven to be an effective method of overcoming an attacker. The training improves balance, coordination, strength and flexibility. The student learns to use leverage and body mechanics to his advantage. This class is for those who want to learn the best submission grappling martial art.

The minute you become a member of Fit you realize you have set yourself apart from the others who just join a gym. At Fit you are joining a lifestyle: a hip, upscale, fun, non-intimidating social scene packed with the top of the line fitness equipment and the créme de la créme of personal trainers, fitness instructors and staff. At Fit, we never settle for second best.

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