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Freestyle Submission Academy (FSA)

Freestyle Submission Academy (FSA) in Millbrae is one of the fastest growing Mixed Martial Arts schools in the Bay Area. We are a Submission Grappling (Jiu Jitsu), Muay Thai (Kickboxing), and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) training facility. FSA trainers and staff are dedicated to training¬†individuals to develop proper technique and raise their fitness level. We offer classes to everyone, Men and Women, from Kids to Adults. We also teach and train everyone from beginners up to the experienced fighters…We offer FREE trial classes for potential members, so feel free to stop in and train with us!

  • Conrad says:

    One of the fastest growing Mixed Martial Arts schools in the Bay Area? Yea right! This place is located in a dump next to a whore house. Only one restroom which does not pass city building code. Any gym-like establishment requires a men and ladies restroom. Would NOT recommend!

  • Elbow and Knees says:

    This fool definitely does not know what he is talking about. The school just relocated to a bigger spot at least 3x bigger than its original location. They have a ring, lots of mat space, and brand new gear.

  • john says:

    Conrad, talk is cheap. I invite you to our new location to show us what a real gym is all about. Preferably Friday, but you’re welcome on any day of the week.

  • d says:

    i checked out the place on google maps, definitely bigger than their old place but its much MORE farther from where i live. from their old place i could walk home in maybe an hour but their new place its gonna take me days if i walk, of course theres the bus.

  • sean says:

    Without bias from previous comments everyone is entitled to their opinion as long as they give fair reason to feel that way. Pretty much don’t just say s**t without backing it up. Obviously, this gym is growing if it just moved to a larger place almost 3x’s the size of it’s previous place. If you pay attention to any of the events out there, their fighters have done well and continue to place at many events. Im not saying the gym is perfect, but what gym is? They are definitely growing and that only happens when a gym is good gym. Take from this what you want…

  • bill says:

    this gym is gay…the one good thing that they do have is a top of the line muay thai trainer mark tabuso…i wish he would have got his own place.

  • Rhondo says:

    This is a pretty good gym. I have observed their regular kickboxing class and their jujitsu class. They have another class at the same time as their jujitsu class. From what I have observed it is their advanced kickboxing class. There are a number of instructors in the classes that take their time to show other people who do not compete to properly throw a punch and a kick. All of their trainers from what I observed are very knowledgeable.

    As for the facility it is definitely a growing gym. Besides as having one bathroom there is a backroom that looks like it is in development. Possibly where more standing bags will be placed there. As for the first poster (Conrad), I do not see this place as a dump (person must be snob of some elite status) and definitely no places of disreputable services near by. The students are very friendly and make you feel at home. The same goes for their trainers. Prices are the same as every other gym. I would definitely recommend taking a their free lessons just to get the feel of the gym. Like I said before this gym is a growing gym and I expect to see a lot of good fighters coming from this place. Four out of five stars.

  • Terrance says:

    I walk by this place a lot on El Camino Real. There’s a w****house right next it. The owner of this building doesn’t care what kind of illegal business they rent their space to.

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