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Gracie Barra Garden Grove

Welcome to the fastest growing Gracie Barra Premium School in Orange County! Gracie Barra Garden Grove is located in West Garden Grove, right off of Valley View and the 405 Freeway. We opened in January 2008, and have quickly established an incredible group of students. Grace Barra Garden Grove follows the strict teaching methods of Master Carlos Gracie Jr., in order to provide the most effective Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu instruction to all of our students. All of our programs are family friendly, and our students benefit from a progress-oriented learning environment.

Gracie Barra Garden Grove is the result of a joint effort between Gracie Barra America student Jamey Jameson, Jamey’s mother, Anne, Professor Ronis Gracie and the Gracie Barra Association.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is the fastest growing Martial Art in the United States today. Jiu-Jitsu focuses on ground fighting, or grappling, techniques, and uses basics principles of leverage instead of strength. This principle enables smaller practitioners to control, defeat, and defend themselves safely from larger and stronger opponents. For these reasons alone, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu has been labeled the most effective and most applicable Martial Art in the world.

Gracie Barra Garden Grove welcomes anyone and everyone who is looking to get in shape, learn self defense, and improve the overall quality of their lives. Whether your goal is physical fitness, self defense, or to become a high-level competitor, you will discover that all of these goals can be accomplished at Gracie Barra Garden Grove.

We invite you to learn more about our school and the international Gracie Barra Family. You will find all the information you need about us, our classes, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in general, right here on our website. If you are not yet a Gracie Barra Member, contact us today to schedule your Free Introductory Class. We look forward to seeing you on the mat.

  • INOC says:

    This school is ok. Jamey is a decent guy but watch out for the mother, Anne. She is abrasive and needs to learn the meaning of tact. I know people who have left the school and moved to another GB school just because of her.

  • BJJ_Lifer says:

    This school is great. I’ve been training at this Gracie Barra for over a year, and I love feeling like I’m one of the family. The students are great, and the instruction is extremely technical. Professor Ronis Gracie brings the Gracie family traditions to the mat with every class he teaches. The school is owned by Jamey and Anne Jameson. Jamey teaches some of the Adult fundamentals classes. Anne is a very sweet “motherly” type that can always be found helping students with all kinds of things throughout the school.

    I don’t have kids, but whenever I go to class, the kids class is usually letting out. The kids instructor that they have now is great with the kids. He is really technical and the kids all see to really like him.

    If you’re looking for a place to train where you will feel welcome AND get amazing Gracie Jiu Jitsu training, this is definitely the place. So if you have kids, you too should definitely check out this school.

  • Luis says:

    I have been a member here for quite a while now and love it here. They really make you feel like family there. Anne is like everyone’s big sister or mother and Jamey is such a nice guy. The professor, Ronis, is great not only personally but as a teacher as well. I always recommend my family and friends to come with me to at least try it out.

    If you want to learn the root of MMA and Brazilian jiu jitsu, this would be my suggestion…I can’t speak for everyone but for me for sure this is the spot.

  • Vincent says:

    I went here on a recommendation and I am glad I did. I mostly went there to sign up my 2 sons, 6 and 12, that were bugging me FOREVER to join and I ended up joining as well. I sat as my sons would be in class and just watch and eventually after talking to other instructors and the owners about wanting to they had me try it and now I am addicted and it’s so close to my house, everyone is nice and they are GREAT with the kids.

    They used to have another kids instructor but since they changed it’s been amazing, there is Vito the main instructor now and usually 2-3 other instructors there helping out so they are really spending one on one with everyone there.

  • Bobby Oakberg says:

    I cannot even begin to express how pleased I am with this school. The owners (Jamey and Anne) are very well rounded individuals who really take the time to accommodate anyone who comes in. I have had nothing but great pleasure in dealing with them and consider them close friends.

    Moving on to the classes, Professor Ronis Gracie is a remarkable teacher, he is very detailed in teaching the techniques and emphasizes the importance of each movement. He takes that extra step with each student to help them improve in their areas of weakness. You truly are learning from one of the best in the game.

    The kids coaches (Vito, Sean, and Bobby) are great individuals as well. Vito leads the kids classes and makes it a fun learning experience. His teaching methods not only help the kids on the mat inside the school but outside the school in terms character and morale in their everyday activities. Coaches Sean and Bobby are there to reinforce his methods.

  • Lolo says:

    My family has attended classes at this family owned gym since their grand opening a couple of years ago & we couldn’t be more satisfied. We started with two children & then added two adults. Jamey & Anne Jameson are a son & mother combination who meet all our needs with friendly attitudes & help in any way they can to make you feel like part of their family.

    They have very technical instructors who make learning Brazilian Jiu Jitsu fun as well as a great experience. We are extremely happy at this particular gym & cannot imagine anyone being disatisfied unless they are looking for something else.

    Try it! You’ll like it & the family who runs it!

  • Gary & Carm says:

    We became students at Gracie Barra Garden Grove in 2008 & were completely satisfied with our training and with the owners who took great care to make sure we were comfortable and happy in their school.

    Unfortunately, with a new baby and moving out of the area it became necessary to stop training at least for the near future. If we return to martial arts, we will definitely sign on with GB as Anne and Jamey Jameson made sure our experience was a positive and lasting one.

    They have very gifted and dedicated instructors. Our 5 year old was treated with care by Anne, who is very maternal with all of the young ones and they call her “Miss Anne” which creates respect. The children also act with respect to “Coach Jamey”, “Coach Vito” and Professor Ronis.

    The adult program is extremely challenging and Professor Ronis is at top form. The new childrens program is amazingly improved since they have a new instructor with a couple of assistants.

    It is unfortunate that we see the top review is negative and although everyone is entitled to their opinion, it couldn’t be further from the true atmosphere at Gracie Barra Garden Grove. Check it out for yourselves.

  • Ricky says:

    The Gracie Barra Academy in Garden Grove is a great place to train and learn Brazilian Jiu jitsu. The facility is well maintained, and the staff are terrific. The instructor, Ronis Gracie, is an excellent teacher as well as being one of the most successful competitors in the International Brazilian Jiu jitsu Federation tournament circuit. The owners, Ann and Jamie Jameson, are friendly, helpful, and generous. In February 2010, for example, they hosted a women’s self-defense seminar. As my wife is a volunteer at Interval House, a crisis center for victims of domestic abuse, I asked Jamey and Ann if they would allow some of the residents to attend at no charge. They were more than happy to have the women participate, and a total of 12 women and children benefited from the experience. The Garden Grove Academy is truly a family and community oriented facility in addition to providing great Jiu jitsu instruction.

  • Marlit says:

    I enrolled my grandson to learn the art of self defense. Anne made us feel welcome, is friendly and helpful. The coaches (Vito, Sean, Bobby) are great, approachable and the kids learn self defense, are active and learning respect. I observe every class my grandson takes. When we leave class, we both feel good. I recommend this school for anyone.

  • Renee says:

    My 5 yr old has been attending for almost 1yr and never want’s to miss a class. He really has fun and still get’s a great workout/training. This is the cleanest, family friendly JuiJitsu school I have been in and I checked several others out in the area. They are very family oriented and are very accomidating to those of us that need to bring other small children with us while their siblings are training. Coach Vito is wonderful with the kids he makes class fun for them but he also makes them be disciplined he know’s how to communicate with young children. I passed up several schools based on how the instructors spoke to the kids. It’s also very roomy with lot’s of places to sit and watch and is kept nice and cool in the summer. Those are also factors that made me pass up other schools. Ann helps make this place a second home for everyone, adults and children. Mom’s trust me you will love this school!

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