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Gracie Barra Santa Ana

Welcome to Gracie Barra Santa Ana, the first Gracie Barra Premium School in United States Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was first introduced in the United States about twenty years ago, and today it is the fastest growing Martial Art in the US. It focuses on ground-fighting, or grappling, techniques and uses basic principles of leverage which enable smaller practitioners to control, defeat and escape from bigger opponents. We provide self-defense instruction to men and women of all ages, and to kids 5 years old and up. Participating in our program is a great way to learn a practical and proven system of self-defense while getting an incredible workout.

For these reasons, BJJ is the most applicable Martial Art for both men and women seeking effective self-defense training. Because Master Carlos Gracie wants his students to be prepared for any situation on the street, the curriculum includes “Self Defense ” of BJJ techniques. By adapting the sport of BJJ to address the street environment (i.e. multiple opponents, weapons, no-gi, unorthodox attacks), students (among them police officers and elite military personnel), are able to address real life and death situations. Now we are locate in Santa Ana California so, whether you’re looking for an intense workout, unrivaled self-defense training, world-class competition, you’ll love our program.

Professor Ulpiano Malachias is the program director of Gracie Barra Santa Ana. Ulpiano started training jiu-jitsu and at the age of 17. Ulpiano also practiced judo as a child and he won a lots of titles. Professor Ulpiano’s witty personality, enthusiasm, integrity, and leadership make the essence of GB santa ana and touch all those around him. As a jiujitsu fighter, accomplished many titles including Panamerican Championship, Asian Championship 2006, 3rd place Euporian Championship 2007, and multiple American Nationals, Espirito Santo State Championships, etc.

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