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Guila Hawaiian Kajunkenbo-Kickboxing

Guila Hawaiian Kajunkenbo-Kickboxing Academy is Antioch, California’s own original Kickboxing Academy with multiple world champions inside and outside of the ring. We are home to Team G-Force, our family of fighters in Muay Thai Kickboxing and MMA.

Here at Guila’s Hawaiian Kaju-Kickboxing, we take great pride in providing our members high standards of both traditional and modern day martial arts excellence from over 35 plus years of Rock – Solid experience. Unlike some watered down martial art systems, we teach you from the inside out, top to bottom from which champions are made.” Kajukenbo is the first Original American born MMA (Mixed Martial Art) from Hawaii in the 1940’s.

Guila’s Hawaiian Kajukenbo & Thai Kick-Boxing martial arts system are steadily growing in its popularity, and has established a reputation of the development of highly trained martial artists in Sport Karate Sparring, Kata forms competition, Full Contact Muay Thai and American Kickboxing proven in hundreds of tournaments worlwide earning World Championship Titles through our highly effective complete regimen of self-defense training. Renowned for its No-Nonsense approach to martial arts training as well as therapeutic value bringing both spirit, mind and body into harmony, allowing practitioners to develop a happier way of life, and is aimed at students of all ages.

  • jordon says:

    this gym has good kick boxing and mauythai. but do not be fooled by what they say they do not do mma.. i went here for a year and not once did we train mma. no good if mma is your dream

  • Prof. Guila says:

    in reply to your comment above dated Jan. 10, 2011,

    in the 1 year/12 months you were a member, do you recall how many months you actually trained?
    Answer; Total (3) We have it recorded. And yet of those (3)months you only attended (1) class per week average.

    And of the (192) available classes in that 1 year for you to attend, do you recollect how many you attended?
    Answer; (12).

    Did you complete your 1st stage of curriculum of requirements to earn your next level of skill training? Answer; is No.

    Bottom line is your attendance was amongst the bottom worst 3. As a result you failed to complete your 1st level of requirements before you earned your right to train into the next level of curriculum which introduces you into our
    1st level of our MMA program.

    Other than that, I hope life is treating you and your family well.
    Prof. Guila

  • jordon says:

    this comment i posted previuosly is false, guillas truly does do mma i just did not attened enuf classes, and was not consitint enuf to reach the lvl needed to train mma my appoligize for placeing a false statment and review of this gym.

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