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H.I.T. Fitness & Training Center

Our goal at H.I.T. Fitness and Training Center in Walnut, California, is to make you into a fit, lean, disciplined machine! whether you want to be the next MMA champion of the world or you just want to lose 10-100 LBS, We can help get you there! With 12 personalized 1 on 1 training sessions, and daily classes along with a personalized diet and fitness advice all for only $100, Hit Fitness can whip you into shape in no time!

Also, our programs are great for kids and teenagers who need a Fun, Challenging, and Rewarding activity. Our personal Trainer Adam Smith has fought in the UFC, and has won many Trophies, Belts, and Medals:  Let him help you achieve success IN and OUT of the ring, he is personable and friendly, polite and disciplined, he along with the rest of the trainers that make up Hit Fitness, Welcome you and your children to try us out and see for yourself the difference Hit can make for your life!

Whether your goal is to become the next MMA superstar or to just to get fit and healthy–THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU! We will teach you to outthink, outtrain and outperform everyone. We will teach you to Hit HARD, Hit FAST, Hit FIRST, Hit LAST!

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  • Rob says:

    This place is a total joke; don’t waste your time or money. None of the trainers are real MMA or martial art trainers. My kid takes Jiu-Jitsu with Rodrigo Texeria and he would kick the trainer’s ass and he is only a blue belt and 15. I have been training in Kickboxing and belong to a wrestling club for over 5 years and I don’t see how anyone can become a serious MMA fighter when the trainers don’t even know how to set up certain ground techniques. There are plenty of other real MMA gyms in the area don’t bother with this one. Don’t be a sucker and fall into there Rex Kwon Do trap.

  • Albert says:

    I walked in and just one guy was shadow boxing and the black guy was sitting down reading a karate book. I walked away after he told me that they don’t have a grappling coach and that only one guy there teaches cardio boxing. They had a BJJ blue belt teaching one in a while, but he stop coming. They don’t have no one showing kickboxing. I don’t think its a real MMA gym.

  • Frank says:

    Place is phony, I walked in and some short annoying looking guy walked up to me promising fights in the UFC and he said he was connected with a lot of people if I wanted to train there that they would have me fighting in 6 months. I didn’t get the vibe that this place was legit so I left. The place was empty and there was an older man there asking about how much money they made for the month. Seem a bit shady, I also saw that they have Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu on their schedule and when I asked who taught he said it was a Gracie black belt but he was on vacation and he couldn’t provide anything more like a name or where he trained at which was really strange. Not the place for ME! I left out of there in a flash.

  • Brian says:

    Adam Smith was never a UFC champion nor ever fought in the UFC, I looked him up, he was a 1-7 pro boxer and was busted for drugs and steroids and had his fight license suspended by the California State Athletic Commission. He is 0-6 in his MMA fights and knows nothing of the ground game. The other two trainers have no real credentials I did my homework on them and asked around too. This gym is pure Bullshit don’t train here, they have a reputation of ripping people off and stealing money from clients with false hope. Using trainers to teach there without paying them, This gym should be called S.H.I.T fitness. I like the Rex Kwon Do comment on top, that little guy did act like a Rex Kwon Do too.

    I wish I had 2 more hands so I can give it 4 thumbs down

  • BJJ4life says:

    I have trained for a year in Jiu-Jitsu and I was looking for a good Muay Thai gym and MMA spot, I walked in this place because it’s a mile from my house and right away I noticed it’s an aerobics studio not really a fight gym. I was a bit disappointed because my friend who trains there started there 6 months ago said it was a really good fight gym. I told him to get his money back and let’s find another place together.

    I saw a group of girls working out with some short guy with a bandana on his head, he looked weird and creepy also looked like they were doing a cardio kickboxing class. I sat and watched it for 10 min before the trainer approached me and asked me to join, but I wasn’t feeling it. The other guy that trains there said that they have no one really teaching there and usually the instructors never really stay for more a week or two because they are not really contracted or employed by the gym for some reason, the students pretty much teach each other by watching tapes or reading books or having other people from other gyms come by and show them different techniques sometimes. That wasn’t the answer I was looking for so I left in search for another gym.

    I wish I had two more hands so I can give them 4 thumbs down. POSER FIGHT GYM…do not waste your time or money. I can pay $75.00 a month learning MMA at a real gym than pay $80 a month at this spot from another student at the same level.

  • 619Boxing says:

    I wish I had 2 more hands so I can give it 4 thumbs down is Efen funny, where do you guys get this stuff? lol I will make sure not to come by this gym. I am visiting from San Diego and I am looking for a good MMA gym in the Walnut area. Anyone know any?

  • Joleen87 says:

    Every time I pass by this place it’s always closed. Is this a real gym? Does anyone know when it’s open? It said it was open during the hours I walked by it, but the chains were on the doors. Well at least the Teriyaki place next door is open when I go by lol, great food though. Yummy!

  • Buyaah says:

    This place should just close down or just become a karate dojo.

    Wax on… wax off. Wax on… wax off.

    “We do not train to be merciful here. Mercy is for the weak. Here, on the streets, or in competition a man confronts you, he is your enemy. An enemy deserves no mercy.”

    Karate Kid – 1984

  • PhiloFlipz says:

    Gym sucks, don’t train here. Not a real MMA gym the trainers are all liars and they will take your money. Someone should shut them down.

  • Boogie says:

    This place has been shut down. There is an eviction notice in the front door. I heard a lot of bad things about this place anyway. You are better off training someone else. The trainers were not real mma trainers they all were fake and stole money.

  • Joe says:

    went to this place for about 1 month and a half. I leanred some boxing standup but i dont know where they got mma at? I didnt learn jiu jitsu, muay thai or shit!!!!!! Just annoying ass trainer yelling at me and asking me for my money nd shit. 110$ dollars man i got ripped off!… they also tricked my mom for paying a 50 dollar initiation fee and said the rest of the months would be 60…. but oh wait they closed down and didnt call or tell me shit! ummm ok.. and yes ive heard the same bs that the jiu jitsu trainer is on vacation. I have seen many people come work out for a day and the trainer giving them some bullshit,a nd they never come back, well now i know why, yeah glad they shut down cause its bullshit

  • Joy says:

    I still work with the one real fight coach that was there. Adam Smith was is and will always be a joke, that was always trying to sleep with every female (Child and adult) that walked through the door. He was also HIGH during many of the classes that he tried to teach. Just Google his name (Adam Smith MMA)He has never won a fight, and has BAD DRUG PROBLEM!! that got him Kick out of fighting. The place has been closed and I still have still have to avoid Adam Smith aka justin smith aka Coach Adams and FAKE fun fitness for Kids and Elite fitness. His MMA record is 0-2 and boxing 6-19. He failed his drug test Coke Weed and roids. He sucks as Fighter a coach a man and father. Master Trainer my A$$.

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