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International Self-Defense Center (ISDC)

INTERNATIONAL SELF DEFENSE is a premiere method of martial arts instruction for competitiors, law-enforcement, military and motivated civilians. The school was founded in 1993 by Nick and Chris Mechling is located centrally in San Diego County in the city of Poway. With a friendly atmosphere and great training partners students learn all the details and application of “the gentle art”.

The Mechling Brothers have been training in the martial arts and related practices all their lives. In 1993 one of their teachers decided to move to the east coast and he passed on his school to them. The school has grown and matured over the years and is presently located in San Diego not far from its original location.

The brothers are certified master instructors in various martial arts. Since they began running ISD, they have continued to instruct their students and develop their school. The Mechling Brothers actively teach, train and “interact” with martial artists worldwide.

Nick and Chris Mechling teach competitors, law-enforcement agencies, military groups and martial artists around the world. They have traveled teaching and demonstrating through more than twenty countries. While balancing local and international instruction they have developed several instructional martial arts programs that with the help of their own masters have brought to the public. Titles include “Lighting Euro Karate”, “Legendary Soft Judo” and “American Street Combat”

Jiu-Jitsu is a complete martial art and training system for increasing your potential as a person and as a “martial artist”. In competition Jiu-Jitsu will complement other martial arts like Muay-Thai, wrestling, Karate and other systems. Finding a good teacher can be difficult. At our center we are fortunate to have teachers (brothers) who have spent a combined thirty five years in Jiu-Jitsu as students, teachers, fighters and masters. Teaching a balanced path to train is the ISD way and so when you try the class expect a relaxed and warm environment.

Jiu Jitsu is now an international martial art with strong practitioners coming of course from America, Brazil and Japan. It is seen by all the world as a fundemental skill required for competition in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) and No-Holds-Barred competition. The Ultimate Fighting Championship along with Pride FC (in Japan) have been the biggest influence in spreading Jiu-Jitsu. Our school gives members a balanced approach between the Brazilian, American and Japanese methods of Jiu-Jitsu. For some the training will lead them into sport others will take Jiu-Jitsu training as a way of life.

Come to train here if you are serious about learning Muay Thai Kickboxing as a sport, martial art for self defense or mixed-martial-arts. Muay Thai Kickboxing is one of the finest forms of exercise and self defense in the world. We only accept adults and teens into training due to its serious nature (kickboxing and mixed-martial-arts involve heavy contact). Trainers at the center are experienced and can help you reach you goals. They have guided and inspired many others to success in personal fitness, gaining confidence and wins in the rings of Thailand.

One of the most important aspects of any training program is the teachers. At the Janjira Muay Thai Kickboxing Center, we have a FIFTEEN year history of training students in Muay Thai Kickboxing in the same location. The trainers are experienced practitioners who have fought and trained with some of Thailand’s best fighters and teachers. Give yourself the chance to see how well you can learn this exciting discipline, and the chance to excel learning from the certified instructors at our center.

ISDC San Diego can be seen easily from Poway road. The school is a large, free-standing building with its own parking lot. There is a tower sign with a dragon logo on it in front. After a 1994 move, the school has remained in the same location. Every day, many students travel long distances to train here. In keeping with our idea to provide the best learning environment for our students, we maintain a well equipped school. There are fifteen hanging bags as well as various freestanding and handheld bags and pads. The main floor has close to 3,000 square feet of mat space giving all students adequate workout room. We also have weights. We employ additional training aids in the classes ranging from jump ropes to Thai pads.

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