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Kenya Academy

Kenya Academy, located at the Pacifica Athletic Center in Pacifica, California, offers martial arts instruction in MMA and Muay Thai Boxing with Master Kenya Prach at a brand new 1,000 square foot studio facility. We also offer Taekwondo for children (ages 5-11).

Master Kenya is a native of Cambodia, and started learning a martial art called Kbach-Kun-Khmer at the age of seven. Kbach-Kun-Khmer is a type of Cambodian marital art that is complete in many ways. There are several styles of Bokarot and Pradal Serey under this system. Bokator is a military combat system designed for use both in street fights and on the battlefield. Bakator uses almost all body parts as weapons. Bokator requires extensive training, which includes unarmed and armed combative techniques, striking, locking, choking, holding, and throwing. Pradal Serey is a free style fighting system. It has limited techniques, which are meant to be used in the ring during competitions.

Master Kenya Prach started competing in Khmer Kickboxing (Bakator) competitions at the age of nine. After escaping from the horrible killing fields of Cambodia, he entered the Muay Thai Kickboxing competition in Thailand at the age of fifteen. He started to compete at the local bar, small entertainment spots, and some holiday celebrations; some of his fights required gloves, while others did not. He became the youngest local Muay Thai champion after one hundred fifty-two extensive fights.

After coming to the United States, Master Kenya joined the boxing team in Edinburgh, Indiana, and won many trophies including a state gold medal in the White River Park State Games in 1983. Master Prach tried to enter the Olympic boxing team in 1984; unfortunately, he was disqualified due to the fact that he was not a United States citizen at the time.

Master Kenya Prach has been teaching boxing, borkator, and basic ground submissions since 1984. He has also volunteered in teaching the children in his local communities. Master Prach has over one thousand students throughout the states after more than twenty years of teaching. Many of his students have become Muay Thai champions, national Taekwondo champions, and Jujitsu gold medalists in the US Open under his tutelage.

Master Prach continues to pass along the incredible experience he has in martial arts to his students as long as they are eager to leaern. The most valuable lesson in life, which his students and the people around him continue to learn on a day-to-day basis, is how to respect and love others.

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