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Knockout Oxnard Boxing & Fitness

At Knockout Boxing & Fitness in Oxnard, California, our mission is to provide our members with an immediate feeling of positive energy & inspiration through our unique concept, technique, & delivery of the KO experience. Come experience world class trainers, quality facilities and specialized programs. Ask to be introduced to one of our specialized Martial Arts, Boxing or Youth Programs that will guide, motivate, and help you to maintain a lifestyle of fulfillment and fitness health.

Our Classes:

KO 360: This Knockout class is incorporating a full circuit station workout of all the best elements of Knockout classes. Various stations from heavy bag drills, focus mitt work, and core work. Working in great boxing & kickboxing drills, exhilarating music, rounding it all up for a great, enjoyable and challenging class.

Knockout Momentum: Fun, exciting, and always different, burns a high level of calories in one hour. Focusing on upper and lower body bag drills, you will develop real boxing and kickboxing skills while acquiring a lean and fit body! This class allows you to evolve at a safe yet challenging pace.

Golden Gloves: For anyone looking to take their skill to the next level. Perfect your form and technique while focusing on all the basic punches. This class will incorporate focus mitts as well as bag training! No kicks will be incorporated.

KO 101: This fun unique class combines all the basics of boxing and kickboxing, utilizing bag work and *focus mitts. Incorporating specific strength, cardio and core training, while building endurance and burning fat. This class allows all levels of skill to use their differences to empower each other pushing forward continually while achieving your fitness goals.

Full Function: Focus on strengthening of the muscles, increasing flexibility using self body weight with various martial art forms. Using proper striking and kicking technique while achieving a great cardio workout. This class is non-contact so no gloves or wraps are needed, however a towel will help.

KO Sparring: This very exciting class is designed to teach you the basics of boxing with proper form & technique. Three minute rounds, speed bag, heavy bags, jump rope, and one on one with instructor drills preparing you for future sparring.

Yoga: All levels are welcome. Geared towards moving the student thru the poses dynamically with breath. Offering detailed instruction building strength and flexibility throughout the whole body. As well developing clarity to the mind. Bring your mat and get your towel that KO provides for you.

Go Girl Go: GIII
The most innovating and exciting Boxing & Fitness program for women in any recent times. This customized 10 week program for women, as featured on the “Today Show” A unique combination of nutritional, emotional, and physical support allows G3 to have accountability and support.

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