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La Puente Muay Thai Gym

La Puente Muay Thai Gym, located at the corner of Hacienda and Maplegrove in the city of La Puente, California, has multiple punching bags that range from 80 to 150 pounds that hang from the ceiling.  Our gym also provides speed bags, Muay Thai pads, focus mitts, stand up dummy, focus pads, sit up equipment and weights to use for your comfort.

The Gym offers classes taught by John McPhail for young and older adults that are beginners, novices or professional fighters. Classes are controlled in a very professional atmosphere of instructors that take you through their traditional Muay Thai boxing and kickboxing techniques and drills that consists of full contact with bags, punching bags, sparring and light contact. Using the gym classes will promote self-discipline, self-confidence and self-awareness, good health and self-defense around you.

Classes are offered from 4pm to 8pm, Monday, Tuesday & Friday and Wednesday 4pm – 6:30pm at one-hour sessions (A.M. by appointment only).  The Gym does offer one on one training and amateur fighting that is held at the gym every quarter of the year.  Please call or make reservations in advance.

  • Luis Jasso says:

    hey im interested in joining your class. I live in La puente and i finally found a school here. Ive never taken any classes.Let me know if your interested in accepting me.

  • droc says:


    Please contact the gym directly via their information listed above, or stop by the facility.

  • Luis Jasso says:

    I tried calling but no one answers.

  • droc says:

    You can try John’s cell if you haven’t done so already: 626-893-3156. I believe they only open limited hours. Good luck.

  • Luis Jasso says:

    okay thanks ill give him a call and let you know

  • john says:

    yea i was wonderihn is it specifically muay thai or mma also??an if so do uno any local gyms that may be mma??

  • Juan Revuelta says:

    how much is to join the gym? i never been into a fight i wanna get some lessons, so i’ll be glad to learn from you guys!

  • droc says:


    Please call LPMT directly or email them. Thanks, and good luck.

  • Juan Revuelta says:

    alright thanks 🙂 okay have a nice day ….

  • eduardo orea says:

    hey i live in la puente i was wondering if u have classes to get in shape n weight trannin

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