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Marco Ruas Martial Arts

At Marco Ruas Martial Arts in Aliso Viejo, California, learn to fight for real with UFC Champion Marco Ruas’ revolutionary Ruas Vale Tudo mixed martial arts Fighting System. Bring your defense skills to a higher level as Master Marco Ruas personally teaches you the devastating techniques and training routines that have brought him over 300 victories in the brutal Brazilian Vale Tudo (anything goes) competitions. Don’t delay! Learn how you can defeat any opponent today!

Choose from
* Mixed Martial Arts
* Muay Thai
* Brazilian Jiu Jitsu
* Wrestling & Grappling
* Boxing & Sparring
* Weight & Cardio Training

  • Kevin says:

    Marco Ruas is an amazing teacher and fighter. The classes here are a very good workout. I thought I was good shape until I started training with Marco. He has taken my endurance and strength to a whole new level. Not to mention the countless martial techniques he has taught. Marco Ruas’s Ruas Vale Tudo is an excellent gym and I recommend it to anyone serious about MMA Training.

  • fabian says:

    OMG! THATS HOW AWESOME MARCO RUAS IS! It’s a small school designed for private classes
    (including private groups). So when you train at Ruas Martial Arts you learn direcrtly from Marco Ruas! His techniques are all practical and bottomline THEY WORK! Also Marco’s NOT like some teachers that show 13 techniques in one class so all you learn is how to be confused. Marco will show a small number of moves and actually drill them with you! This is how you a learn! Quality over quantity and precision proper instruction! The work outs are awesome! If your looking to lose weight or just be healthy forget about Ballys and 24 hour fitness. This is the place that will tear up your old weak/”out of shape” body and build you a new one! Absolutly the best teacher I’ve ever had! …ok look, bottom line… I’ve been a student of Marco’s for over 2 years and soon I will actaully be getting the Ruas Vale Tudo name tattooed on me. What higher recomendation can I give?

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