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Morrissey’s Elite Training Center

Morrissey’s Elite Training center (METC) is a family owned MMA and Kickboxing training center, operated by Head Coach Dana Morrissey and his wife Cindy.  Coach Morrissey has well over 28 years of experience in mixed martial arts (MMA) and kickboxing.  The center is located in what is currently Woodland, California’s largest training facility.

At Morrissey’s Elite Training Center, everything that you need to learn Mixed Martial Arts and Kickboxing or become physically fit, is in one place! METC prides itself on having a professional and open feeling that is both friendly to students and visitors alike. Morrissey’s Elite Training Center can provide you with all the tools necessary to excel above and beyond your personal goals as a student or a professional fighter.

In today’s society, the need for self-defense, confidence, discipline and will power are becoming more apparent. Head Coach Dana Morrissey has used his 28 years of experience to created programs which will help increase your health, self esteem, stamina, flexibility, discipline, and reduce stress, all while teaching you proven effective techniques to defend yourself in the event that your life or that of your loved ones is in danger.

Martial arts teach children much more than just physical movement, flexibility, and strength. While your child is learning the skills to defend themselves, they will also be learning to focus, have greater personal discipline, respect for themselves and others, and the perseverance throughout their life. Martial Arts will teach your child about setting goals and working to reach those goals. They will learn to have greater confidence in themselves and thru that, will also learn that they are capable of reaching any goal they set for themselves.

At Morrissey’s Elite Training Center, coach Morrissey understands that each student has different goals for their Martial Arts training. Not every student learns in the same way. Whether you want to learn to defend yourself in the real world, become a great kickboxer, learn the skills of a Mixed Martial Art’s fighter, or simply have a coach push you to work out each week, we have a program that fits your needs. Head coach Morrissey can tailor make a program that fits your unique goals.

Morrissey’s Elite Training Center (METC) believes in a very hands on, personal approach to training. You won’t find a huge sprawling health club with impersonal trainers. At METC you will find personalized, caring coaches, who are all certified and professional.

METC believes in shaping the mind, the body, and the spirit. Guiding and encouraging you its students along the way. Getting to know each student and being personally vested in their sucess; not just while they are at METC, or practicing, but in life, in their daily lives. METC shapes minds, not just bodies.

METC teaches honor and discipline, endurance and diligence. METC teaches children to respect one another, be truthful and follow thru with your promises. Fitness is not just for the mind, it is for the body.Doing physicall excercise means nothing if you don’t also excercise the mind.

Let Coach Morrissey create a customized training program for YOU! With over 28 years fighting and training experience, Coach Morrissey has dedicated his life to the training and success of many students and fighters.

* His training is extensive,
* His training is professional and
* His application of training methods are renowned.

The arts Coach Morrissey has belts in or has studied: Ninjitsu, Kickboxing, Kenpo Karate, White Crane Kung-fu, Wrestling, Boxing, Judo & Jiu Jitsu.

Coach Morrissey has designed his own Martial Arts System – M.A.S.S. also known as “Morrissey’s Art of Street Survival”

Coach Morrissey is currently a head instructor in kickboxing and M.M.A. at Marinoble’s in Roseville. He is also coach for the Marinoble fight team.

Fight Record

* M.M.A. 18-1 — 16 KOs
* Boxing 9-3 — 6 KOs
* Kickboxing 4-2 — 4 KOs, 31-6 — 26 KOs

Fighters Coach Morrissey has trained:

* Uriah Farber – WEC Champ
* Scott Smith – WEC Champ / Fought UFC
* James Irvin – WEC Champ / Fought UFC
* Bo “Redrum” Cantrell – Gladiator-Heavy Weight Champion
* Warpath – King of Cage/Gladiator Champ
* Mike Bravo – IFC Champ
* Rick Randolph – Gladiator-Heavy Weight Champion
* Derick Burnsed – Fights Gladiator Challenges
* Brandon Tarns – Fought Elite XC
* Jeremy Screeton – Fights Gladitor Challenges

Center Hours
Please refer to the class schedule for specific class times
Monday – 5-8pm
Tuesday – 1:30-9pm
Wednesday – 5-8pm
Thursday – 1:30-9pm
Friday – 5-8pm

  • Osasenaga says:

    I want to fight

  • mmagal says:

    Hi, did you want to contact this gym? The phone number or email is available.

  • richard says:

    is he still teaching Uriah Farber and james irvin and this sounds like a good gym

  • Coach Morrissey says:

    I no longer train Uriah Faber because he has his own gym. James Irvin also has his own gym, but I do still train him off and on when he comes to our gym.

    Thank you for your question. If you have any others, please feel free to give us a call.

  • Ally Markus says:

    This training school is the most impressive, organized and well disciplined school. My boyfriend trains here and just in a little amount of time he has learned so much and has improved his skills. The coach is always willing to help the students and is a really good teacher. Thank you morrisseys elite training center.

  • Grub Killer says:

    This place gym is sucks.

    Woodland Resident

  • Jayden says:

    I would like to know how to get in and maybe more info.

  • Osasenaga irabor says:

    For the record that 1st post was not me and is obviously a fake post to make me seem violent. Lso needs to delete that shit.

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