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Muay Thai Academy

The Muay Thai Academy, located in Santa Clara, California, is a division of the Schola Training Group, and is dedicated exclusively to teaching the world’s finest and most effective Street Defense Tactics and Offensive Combat Techniques for civilians. Combatives for Law Enforcement,¬†Military and high risk operators are taught on a case to case basis or through exclusive departmental contracts by the Schola Training Group and administered by a specialized instructor cadre. Most of the civilian martial arts training program is based on the old style of Muay Thai known as Muay Chao Chur and the military style of Muay Thai known as Ledrit. As well as Boar Bando and Kalaripayat a Burmese and an Indian Combat Art.

The Academy’s Combat Education Programs are divided into two main categories. The Old Style and Military Style Muay Thai, which are taught in the daily training classes. This program is available by membership and is an ongoing education program. Admissions are available to individuals over the age of 18 throughout the year. The other is the Close Quarter Tactics Programs (State approved courses licensed under Henley-Putnam University) Applicants are required to go through a background check and screening process.

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