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Orange County Zulu Kai Boxing Academy

Orange County Zulu Kai Boxing Academy in Santa Ana, California, has been a part of the Orange County community for over five years and are still going strong.  We welcome beginners and advanced students from all fighting disciplines to come and train with us.  If you have never trained before, it’s no problem. We are great with beginners and have the experience and knowledge that will make you a true boxing or martial arts expert.

Train with an instructor who truly cares about how well you progress, and teaches with passion.  Learn the true science of boxing, the conceptual secrets of traditional martial arts and the objective behind freestyle, mixed martial arts.

Our focus is to use intelligent fight strategy over brawn and toughness. Not everyone was born with an iron chin so it’s important that we focus on the science of combat so that people from all walks of life stand a fighting chance.

We currently train professional and amateur fighters of all fighting disciplines including the following:

* Boxing
* Muay Thai
* Clinch Fighting
* Street/Military Self Defense

Zulu Kai is a fighting philosophy. The martial arts are broken up into four components: Striking, Grappling, Self Defense, and Weapons. Out of each of the four components comes a unique style. What makes a style a style, is the area of combat that it focuses on, a specialty. This is why Zulu Kai isn’t a style, because it focuses on street and sport hand to hand combat, period! Its aim is to defeat an opponent from the furthest distance away, exposing the least amount of your body while getting into position to strike with maximum leverage, and not getting hit. If this strategy fails, it is equipped to adapt to the situation at hand. You will gain knowledge and skills in punches, kicks, elbow strikes, knee strikes, head butts, finger strikes, standing grappling, throwing, tripping, locking, choking, target pressure points, use of weapons, defense against weapons, true knowledge and application of strategy, sport combat rules, street combat reality, persistence, determination, ethics, laws, sparring, body conditioning, speed agility & quickness, and develop an attitude of open mindedness and humility. Remember, one who needs to force a particular combat situation is not as prepared as one who is ready for any combat situation.

  • Cee says:

    Fahness is the real deal. I’ve been training with the guy for a bit now and he is a great coach. He is very passionate about the sport and has all the knowledge to train you as far as you want to go. He’s very down to earth and really wants you to do well in the sport. There’s no inflated egos there either. All the people training there are real cool to each other and aren’t there to pound on people but to get the knowledge of the sport. If you’re serious about looking to either start training or keep up your skills I wouldn’t sleep on this gym.

  • Antonio says:

    Cost per month…and how many days of training per week…

  • droc says:

    Hi Antonio

    Please contact OC Zulu Kai directly about pricing…their schedule is on their website!

  • PeterrA. says:

    This place is an awsome place to train! I come from a Wrestling and Muay thai background…came here to learn Boxing to improve my stand up. I’m very impressed with the way Fahness teaches class here.

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