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Outlaws Boxing Gym

At Outlaws Boxing Gym in Tarzana, California, boxing is a martial art. It’s based on strategic, controlled uses of force to effectively strike or defend against the opponent, like other forms of martial arts. In the ring, every second matters. Reactions are reflexes and any weakness is pushed away as the mind and body are tested to the max. Every movement is disciplined and artistic, and emotions convert into energy and passion for the sport.

At our Club, physical fitness through boxing is a given. We not only teach boxing as a pathway for true mind and body fitness, but as an art form, and a sport that teaches timeless self-defense techniques. Physical training such as cardio-training, lifting weights and jumping rope are essential, but boxing is more than building muscle or cardio training to lose a few pounds. It’s about winning confidence, learning discipline, improving rhythm and coordination, and achieving real physical fitness – all while having fun and learning to fight.

Our team of trainers, with over 50 years combined experience, believe that people in Southern California are always on the go. Between work, play, school and family, they may neglect their health and fitness. Their bodies are screaming, “Do something!” At Outlaws, we help our clients fit taking care of themselves into their busy schedules while they engage in a demanding sport, learning self-defense and developing self-confidence.

We’re always on the move too – giving our diverse clients the training, motivation and extra push they need to achieve their goals. We approach our job with the enthusiasm and personalization our clients deserve. Training to box is not a solo sport; it’s a team effort. Everyone comes together to support each other in learning the art and gaining confidence in their abilities.

Just as our clients have confidence in each other and the motivated Outlaws team, we help them build confidence in themselves. Together, we help our clients get in fighting shape while developing a passion for the sport, and a love of the art.

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