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Pacific Coast Boxing

Get fit while learning the skills of boxing at Pacific Coast Boxing, located in the American Tin Cannery in Pacific Grove near Monterey, California. An actual boxing routine consists of training to timed rounds of two or three minutes with one minute rests in between rounds.  If you have observed the physical condition of boxers and kickboxers and would like to achieve this same level of conditioning and discipline for yourself, then this may be the work out for you. This type of training will improve every physical capacity (strength, power, coordination, aerobic & anaerobic fitness & endurance).

You will shed excess weight due to the amount of calories burned during this workout (up to 1,200), tone & condition, increase heart health & strength, relieve stress, increase self-esteem and self-confidence and discover that you are actually capable of achieving a full upper & lower body workout from punching & kicking and have fun too. A trainer is always present to provide direction and motivation.

Our goal is to help you with your goal. We help women who are shy, possibly obese, opposed to crowded gyms and make them feel and become fit, healthy and happier people; to bring them into an environment without intimidation or judgment placed on them due to size, condition or age. Your trainer will make you realize you are empowered.

Ruth Kristensen is the head instructor, and her experience includes Boxing, Kick Boxing and Martial Arts. Her passion for boxing the 2,400 square feet gym located on the coastal shores of Monterey Bay. Providing the ultimate in training and conditioning for boxing/kick boxing from novice to the experienced and anything in between.

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