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Power of One Self Defense Institute

Located in Long Beach, California, the Power of One Self Defense Institute has been empowering humanity through self-defense skills, karate and kickboxing for over 15 years. Our instructors are personally selected for not only their skill and achievements in the martial arts but also their ability to effectively relate that knowledge and understanding to students of all age levels and backgrounds. Therefore our instructors undergo advanced training in all self-defense skills, and each and everyone keeps abreast of the latest teaching methods and human development.

Founded on the principles of teaching excellence, personal development, and Perseverance, Power of One Self-Defense Institute provides you with the most complete and effective methods to reach your full potential and achieve your highest goals in life. Our energetic staff excel at instilling these life skills in all of our martial art, self-defense, kenpo, kickboxing and karate classes. Techniques are taught to instill a confident ”I Can” attitude and classes are taught to maintain a good level of physical fitness.

While this unique combination of Martial arts, karate, kickboxing and grappling is what makes the Power of One Self-Defense institute a true Mixed Martial Art it is our honest and sincere dedication to customer service that truly sets us apart from the rest. The entire staff of the Power of One is committed to best serving our families, students and members. While most other schools or systems focus on only one or two areas of self-defense such as hand or foot techniques, or grappling, we provide you with the knowledge to defend yourself in virtually any situation and the life skills to achieve your highest goals.

The Power of One Self-Defense offers a mixed martial arts system to best meet your needs of self-protection in today’s world. Our combination of Kenpo, Grappling, Karate, Kickboxing and Arnis (stick and knife fighting) keeps learning both fun and challenging. Learning self-defense helps you feel safe and confident in today’s society. In this program we will teach various striking, blocking and kicking exercises for all different age, shapes and sizes that build foundation, proper form and technique. You will learn focus, mental discipline and practical self-defense against single and multiple attackers. Martial Arts is an excellent form of stress management. Getting in shape and feeling good offers a balance to our often busy and demanding lives.

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