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Ridgecrest Martial Arts Academy

At Ridgecrest Martial Arts Academy, we teach you an effective system for competition, fun, fitness or self defense! Our Multiple Style approach to training provides a depth to your Martial arts training above and beyond what any single system can provide for you. We personally handpicked Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kickboxing and Kali because of their effectiveness trained alone or mixed together. This was no mistake and we are going to put this to work for you.

Our Adult programs are geared toward training you in self defense no matter what your goals or fitness level. Some students come to us in shape, yet the majority come needing a little help. Most come to us with limited flexibility and no Martial skills at all. As a student, you are looked upon as an individual, never compared to anyone else. You are the only one with your specific goals and our instructors will be there every step of the way. All that is expected of you is a willingness to try, come to all the classes, and help others in achieving their training goals. We are building a family and team environment where your teammate’s successes are your successes and vice versa. The true beauty of our system is it can be trained for any reason by almost anyone willing to apply themselves. Do you need an exciting, unique, and fun way to get in shape? Maybe you want true hands on no kidding Self Defense Training. Or you may want to be the next UFC Champion. Whatever your goals we tailor our core arts to fit you and your goals. If you ever had the desire to train Martial Arts for any reason we encourage you to give it a try. It will add a spark in your life!

Talk to one of expert ETP managers about where would you like to take your training? You are in control of your goals, so simply select where you start. Maybe, it’s on the ground training the hottest martial art today, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu: Our Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was handed down from Helio Gracie to his son Rickson Gracie to Jorge Pereira to Wander Braga and down to your Instructor Philip Surprenant. Or master the striking elements of Muay Thai, American kickboxing and Boxing in our super fun Kickboxing program. Jump right in to the highly effective Filipino weapons training system of Kali and Eskrima. Follow your own path! The beauty of this System is: By the way Ridgecrest Martial Arts Academy mix and match the Arts, we can teach one person to fight MMA in the cage, another to Mix his Martial Arts for fun and another for real life Self defense! As mentioned before, this was no mistake. We handpicked these Arts because their ability flow together seamlessly to turn you into a well rounded, well trained Martial Artist.

We at Ridgecrest Martial Arts Academy are dedicated to teaching you and your children Martial Arts that do not ever leave you with a false sense of security. We are focused and committed to enriching you and your child’s life in more ways than may ever be realized. We have a goal of bringing you to see you are capable of so much more then you might have imagined and that Martial Arts is about more than learning how to punch, kick or throw someone to the ground. We are dedicated to providing the Ridgecrest/China Lake, California community and our children with positive role models and a true sense of self earned, self respect.


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