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Rot Iron Sports

Rot Iron Sports is a unique peak performance training studio located in Carlsbad, California. We offer private exclusive coaching in Personal Training, Martial Arts, Strength Training and Conditioning, Weight loss, Weight Management, Mental Game Coaching, Health and Fitness. Our martial arts program is a fully comprehensive martial arts experience taught only in a private or small group setting. Our curriculum consists of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Boxing, and the Crazy Monkey Defense Program. We also integrate techniques and training methods from Mental Game Coaching, Judo, Western Wrestling and Jeet Kune Do.

The martial arts life program is an exciting, inspiring, life changing martial arts experience. Aside from learning real functional self-defense skills we want to help inspire our clients to fitness, health and developing a winning performance mindset for their life and career.

What makes our martial arts program and service unique is how we coach and teach martial arts and the environment we create for that coaching to take place. We call this the G.A.M.E. approach and it is unique to our program of martial arts. Martial Arts as a vehicle to become a champion in life!

We offer individualized coaching for all our clients. We allow all of our martial arts programs to be co-created by each client. This mean you have a choice and say in how you are taught and trained. All classes are taught in small private exclusive group setting. There currently are openings available in classes as small as 2-4 people and as large as 6-10. We have several affordable and flexible training packages available.

For more information on our martial arts life program visit our primary martial arts web site at

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