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Team Florez Kickboxing

Whether you are looking to learn street-effective self defense skills or simply wanting to get in shape through a high impact aerobic workout, the martial arts taught at Team Florez Kickboxing in La Puente, California, can be the perfect fit for you! Our highly trained masters teach from the ground up, meaning you will learn the core basics of martial arts and continue to build upon those skills as you progress up through belt levels. With convenient classes that are available in the evening and during weekends, you’ll never have a reason not to attend!

The term “martial arts” covers a wide variety of disciplines, such as karate, tae kwon do and many others. Team Florez Kickboxing services the Los Angeles area and we specialize in Group Classes and Private Lessons.

We utilize ancient, highly refined techniques, focusing on posture, positioning and respect for one’s body, as well as the discipline to know when it is appropriate to use the skills you learn.

Students learn fast, devastating hands-oriented techniques, as well as how to utilize your legs through powerful kicks to get out of dangerous situations. Even if you never put your skills to direct use on another person, knowing these skills can help you stay in great physical shape.

We are proud to offer the following:

* Adult Classes
* Advanced Classes
* After-School Programs
* Black Belt Instructors
* Boxing
* Group Classes
* Mixed Martial Arts
* Muay Thai
* Private Lessons

Give us a call today and let Team Florez Kickboxing introduce you to the world of martial arts – classes are currently open for enrollment!

  • Jesus says:

    I like this gym, the trainers are good people. All the trainers have a lot to teach and they are not stuck up like the other gyms in my area. Derrick Martinez teach MMA thursday, friday, and saturday. He knows a lot of Jujitsu and judo. The other trainer Mark Delacruz and Allen Florez knows a lot of muay thai and won many world titles. I am planning to train there Mondays Wed, Thrs and Sat.

  • Lisa Widow Maker says:

    Best Fight gym in the San Gabriel Valley area in Kickboxing and MMA
    All the trainers are experience in what they do. They have championship titles in Boxing, Muay Thai, and MMA. I go there 4 times a week for the Muay Thai then I do the MMA Fight practice. The instructor is very good and the workout is intense for fight preparation, lots of pros come to this gym to spar on Thursday nights. Mark and Allen give a great high impact muay thai workout and sensei derrick is very knowledgeable about the fight game and business. He knows so many ground submissions!!!

  • Kieyata says:

    Cool gym I liked it, Mark the Muay Thai coach is a 2 time champion and pushes you beyond your limits, I felt great after practice. I really liked the Muay Thai cardio class. Coach Allen is very nice to me and treated me like family. No BS or egos at this gym. The MMA class is awesome; the coach Sensei Dee who is a former Judo National Champion and has won MMA fights in Japan and Muay Thai fights in Thailand. He currently trains with Erik Paulson’s who coaches Josh Barnett and Brock Lesner the UFC Heavyweight Champion. I would recommend this place to my friends.

  • Joker Fool! says:

    This gym is the real deal, if you want real Muay Thai training like Thailand this is the place to go. The MMA class is great too. The trainers are really friendly and nice. Mark, Allen, and Derrick make you feel at home. If you are in Old Town Puente this is the gym to check out.

  • 619Boxing says:

    Going to check this place out today I am in the area.

  • 619Boxing says:

    Awesome Gym! The trainers are high quality guys who have trained fighters to several championship title shots. Mark and Allen were great and detailed on their training. Their gym also appears in on a reality show. Kru Mark did a lot of pad and conditioning drills with me which made me sweat about over 7 pounds off. Before the training I weight 177lbs and when the practice was over I weigh-in at 169.5lbs. I also did the MMA class last night with Sensei Dee who really knows his Muay Thai striking & submissions. He also helps out with a couple of pro MMA fighters on their Muay Thai. I was amazed on how much he moved around for a 300lbs guy. He was very agile for a guy his size. He taught a lot of different striking combos, takedowns, and submissions and their escapes. I was able to learn in one night at this place as much as learning in a month at another place. The price is reasonable too. Under $100.00 for unlimited Muay Thai and MMA training with some guys who has been in the game since the mid 80’s, can’t beat that!

  • KidPuente says:

    I tried out the MMA class last night, my friend recommend it. Sensei derrick taught judo and sambo techniques for MMA and it were really good. I learn a lot throws and leg locks from the practice and then we sparred. I will continue training there and will check it out again, I plan to bring some friends to try it out. I was training at another gym before, but this one is way better with the trainer showing a lot of moves. Tomorrow I will try the muay thai class with Mark.

  • Orlando Zepeda says:

    I went to the Florez Muay Thai and Judo-Box MMA event on Saturday and it was really good. I am impressed with this gym and the fighters they produce. I am going to start today with the strength and conditioning class, then tomorrow take Muay Thai and the MMA class right after. The staff at the gym was really nice to me and my friends. The price is not bad either you can take unlimited classes for under $100.00 and all of the trainers Allen, Mark, and Derrick have a lot of experience fighting, training, and coaching. I recommend this gym to anyone wanting to look for a fight gym in the San Gabriel Valley area.

  • Roger says:

    I work 2 blocks away and I go there to workout right after on my boxing. It’s a really good boxing gym. I haven’t done the MMA class yet, but I will try it soon. Everyone tells me that the MMA program is really good. I know for sure that the kickboxing and the boxing is probably the best in town. Cool gym cool people, check it out.

  • Bobby Mercado, Jr. says:

    I am a blue belt in Judo with Sensei Derrick and trained with him for 2 years and he has been really good to me and my family. He is an awesome Judo and Sambo coach. I took his MMA class last week and made me feel sore right after, but the class was great. I plan to return after my work schedule changes back to day shift in about a month. He has a lot to teach and is very detailed on the submissions that he teaches.

    I totally recommended the MMA class for anyone in the San Gabriel Valley area. Sensei Derrick normally teaches there 4 days a week, but the Muay Thai and Boxing instructors Mark, Alan, and Luis are the best at what they do if you want to learn how to box or kickbox. Come by for a free lesson and take the class with any of them.

  • Steven says:

    Derrick Martinez taught me everything i know. He taught me Muay Thai, more boxing, a little bit of take downs. He made me feel more confidence in my skills. Hes a really good coach. I respect him n show lots of love to him. I thank him wit everything he taught me.

  • Infamous says:

    Excellent Gym real hardcore workouts and techniques.I took 2 class’s with Derrick went threw some MMA moves i never seen before great one on one lessons.

    I wish i lived closer so i could go more often.

  • Shawn says:

    I swung by last week to check out the gym and the entire the class looked good. My homie little boy takes kickboxing there. I think he said he pays only $60 a month for the kid’s class, but I think the adults are $90. I may try it out later today. $90 a month then it’s not too bad for kickboxing and MMA, my old fight gym wanted $175 a month for kickboxing and MMA and they guy wasn’t teaching us really nothing, but the same old techniques for 3 months which after a while got boring. I went to check out the grappling class on Friday and I had asked the sensei to show me a move and his grip was really strong he put me in an armlock so tight that if he wanted too he could have ripped my arm right off. He also showed me how to disarm a gun and take a guy down just by holding his fingers, pretty bad ass. That dude is pretty strong and big too, I saw him manhandled another big guy there that wanted to try out the wrestling class. Has anyone every heard of Derrick Martinez? I asked around and some people knew of him. My friend’s father said he used to train with him in Judo back in the day and he was a blackbelt and competed in nationals and worlds and also tried out for the Olympics USA team, but that was about it. I saw him showing a grappling technique at another gym once, but didn’t realize it was him, nice guy by the way. I looked up Alan Florez and only found that he was a 7 time kickboxing champion. It’s a cool gym in a small town the trainers know a lot and they teach a lot.

  • Nadia95 says:

    Do you guys teach females? I want to want to learn how to box and maybe mma.

  • LA Dodger Boy 83 says:

    I took the Muay Thai class with Kru Dee AKA sensei Derrick at the old gym in down town LA 4 years ago he was an awesome teacher, when he left the gym wasn’t the same and slowly the students stop coming because their was no one teaching any real martial arts anymore and the two boxing coaches didn’t care for MMA that much. I went over to Team Florez to check him out after finding out that he still taught and it seems that he gets better as a teacher. The gym is really nice, but too far from Santa Monica. If I didn’t live over 30 miles away I would definitely train with him more often. I highly recommend Florez Muay Thai gym and I don’t know why he doesn’t get better medal ratings on top, because he does know his martial arts. I have trained with at least 3 other people after him and they don’t come close to what he can teach you. Greatest person to know and the best muay thai kru I had. 5 out of 5 medals for Kru Dee.

  • UFC Sucks A$$ Strikeforce # 1 says:

    I drive by this gym all the time and it always looks busy. I past by last Tuesday night and it was a packed class with all of the students grappling then working on striking and grappling techniques. I saw on the San Gabriel Tribune website that this gym is the best in the SGV area. I am glad and impressed with the comments on here. I think I will check out the muay thai and the mma class sometime this week. If it is a under $100.00 then it’s a steal. I don’t like my current gym (UFC gym), the coach usually takes off for whatever reason and the advance student teaches the class, but he sucks showing the same stuff over and over again, then he never wants to work on any fighting techniques just exercises. Then have the nerve to take out $80.00 a month out of my checking account for showing me nothing.

  • Jose Lupe Colon III says:

    Really good class I learned a lot. I will try to make it at least 3 times a week because of my job. I like the kickboxing and the mix martial arts class. I enjoyed the leg locks it was all new to me, I never learned leg locks before and the learning the neck cranks were cool too. Derrick Martinez in my opinion is one of the best MMA coaches in Southern California. He has also trained with a lot of top notch trainers himself and has competed around the world as a fighter in the late 80’s to mid 90’s from muay thai, judo, boxing, sambo, wrestling, bjj, and no-gi tournaments.

  • Armando Delgado says:

    I came in as an out of town guest and loved it.
    Excellent gym, great instructors, and can’t beat the cost. This gym is only under $100.00 for Muay Thai, Boxing, MMA, and BJJ from trainers that are former champions. They have lots of belts and their championship gold placed all over the gym and the credentials to back it up.

    I did a No Gi grappling session with sensei Derrick and learned a series of wicked submissions in 3 different positions. So many techniques that he taught that I asked him to go over it so I can record it with my iphone. Lol

    – Armando Delgado
    Gracie Purple Belt BJJ
    Muay Thai 147lbs and 154lbs amateur golden cup champ 33-2 18 kos

  • SuperRaiderfan says:

    It’s a real cool family oriented gym, all the trainers have fight experience. I took a trial class in boxing and in kickboxing. I really like the detailed lessons and review on the techniques. My son just turned 6 and I am thinking about putting him in kickboxing and the kiddy MMA class. The cost will be $110 for the both of us. I like this gym and the instructors are national and word champs in their respected styles. Mark, Alan, and Derek are the best at what they do.

  • Raphael says:

    I swung by last night and the gym seemed empty with like 4 or 5 people hitting the bag or shadow boxing. I meet Sensei Derrick Martinez he said it was just an open gym today and he seem like a cool guy, he was teaching a one on one jiu-jitsu class to one of the students. I watched him for 15 min working with the student and the stuff he was showing her seemed really cool. After watching I think I may join. I am curious to know how the kickboxing class is.

  • Emz says:

    I liked the kickboxing class, I had fun. I am coming back to train after the holidays with Mark.

  • zee says:

    Anyone have a schedule of their classes? I plan to observe a kickboxing or muay thai class before I pull the trigger and sign up. Thanks

  • droc says:

    Zee, best thing to do is give them a call and they’ll let you know their schedule. Thanks.

  • RaiderSammy45 says:

    I took a free kickboxing lesson and then later on I took mma. I like it a lot, but I got hurt at work so I may not make it until after a month. I like the big man teaching mma Dee Martinez he is friendly and funny, he has trained in Thailand and Japan and he used to fight. Koo gym check it out.

  • Armando Rodriguez says:

    I checked it out, the gym is ok seem dirty but the trainer was ok. I like bloodbank mma better because its cleaner. I live up the street from there and my little brother thought the same. I didn’t really like the set up they have I saw lots of roaches and the ring look dirty, but I not sure about the trainer there.

  • Larry Ortega says:

    My friend trains there, the gym is run by 3 coaches all have really good experience in Muay Thai, boxing, or kickboxing. One of the coaches is a black belt in Judo and a purple belt in BJJ according to my sources and research on this gym.

    Alan Florez is an 8 time amateur Muay Thai kick boxing champion in 4 different weight classes. He has fought in Mexico, Russia, Canada, and all over the United States. He also was a pro boxer but not sure of any of his fight records. I’m sure he has a lot of fights under his belt. I have seen him work out and spar and he has sparred against guys that are big time in Muay Thai and MMA right now.

    Mark De La Cruz is his older brother and is a 3 time heavyweight amateur champion. He also assists his brother at all the fights. He pretty much runs the gym and teaches all of the Muay Thai classes and his brother Alan basically really work with the up in comer fighters. Mark also does the conditioning for all of the fighters.

    Derrick Martinez also has 3 gym smoker titles in NY and NJ in Muay Thai kickboxing. He has claim to have over 50 Muay Thai gym smoker fights and has won boxing junior golden gloves twice in NYC in 1990 and 1991 no record has been found, but I have seen him move around and he does know his stuff so I wouldn’t doubt that he was a fighter at one time. He also holds a black belt in Judo which is legit according to the Kodokan Judo in Japan and a purple belt in BJJ which I’m not sure who he trains with because he trains with CSW/ Machado BJJ and Teixeira BJJ which are 2 different camps.

    They have several fighters that fight several times a month so they stay busy. If you are looking for a gym in La Puente come down. So all you have to do is meet the coaches and see for yourself if it’s for you. I checked out the gym on several occasions it seems like a nice place to train at. I hope that was helpful.

  • Junjun says:

    Place smelled really bad and it was dirty with lots of roaches all the trainers was fat and out of shape seems like ther always beer cans on the floors in the back and near the ring. I took my son out after a week, everyone always cursing and using bad language around the children they always play rap music with bad words and something always offensive on tv.. they are not good exaple for trainers. I rather pay more money somewhere else with more quified people. its a place for people release from prison or gansters, not a fmaily oriented gym. don’t belive what you read on top. no stars for this place

  • AL says:

    I second that above, place was dirty and the ring was nasty, people walk all over the mats with shoes what gym let people walk on the mat with shoes on thats how u get ringworm duh. they had a fat guy teaching a wrestling class, he should of been working out himself. Pal if you are going to be a trainer look like one not like you need one lol. I found no fight records of any of the trainers there I bet all of their belts are because they are paper champions probably was just given to them for showing up and beating up on a less experienced fighter come on seirous. did they buy those belts lol. Junjun was right thet have way better gyms in the area, Master Toddy gym in Pomona better priced and a real Muay Thai Kru who trained in Thailand runs it.

  • Adam says:

    I checked out the gym it’s a small place, but it cool. I watched the MMA or ju jitsu class last night I wasn’t sure which class it was but I liked it. The coach seems like he knew what he was doing and the students looked like they were having a good time I’m not familiar with anyone there, but I may join. I’m using this website to find a gym for 2012 anyone have any suggestions I live in West Covina.

  • davislives says:

    I called Valdez Muay Thai and sat in on a class at Master Toddy’s in Pomona. Valdez and Toddy both want contracts and charge an initiation fee. At this gym I paid my first month fee and that was it. With Valdez the longer your contract the cheaper your monthly fee. When I went to the Toddy gym the teacher did not really participate in the class besides yell out what combos he wanted the students to do. I have met Derrick and he seems like a good guy but have not taken a class from him. Alan and Mark are cool and push you while making it fun. They correct your form when you are hitting the bags or doing pad work. At Toddy Gym or Valdez they charge about 100 dollars a month. At Toddy you could come three days a week. Florez has classes running six days a week at eleven am and in the afternoon/evening and you can come to all the classes you can handle for 70 bucks. I have not tried the MMA and will possibly try it in the future. Talked to other students and they love all the classes. At this gym for 90 dollars you can take all the Muay Thai, MMA and Judo/Jui Jitsu you can handle. Looked at other gyms in the area as well and their standup does not compare to Florez.

  • Francisco says:

    I have trained with Sensei Derrick since he was a brown belt in Judo. I think he is one of the best instructors in the area if you need a great ground coach. He is also a good striking coach with his experience in boxing and muay thai. Alan and Mark sometimes worked with me if Sensei Derrick was running late. Master Toddy was too expensive and both coaches at Master Toddy were actually trained by Derrick at one time. Both trainers at Toddy have no fight experience but paid to have a teacher’s certificate to own a gym. Alan and Mark were both US muay thai champions. Derrick also won several judo, bjj, muay thai tournaments and MMA fights.

  • JTLopez says:

    Great gym for a reasonable price. I did the MMA class with Derek Martinez and it was cool we did a lot of drilling and some techniques. He a great instructor has a lot of knowledge about the sport. Today I will do the kickboxing class with mark he’s a pretty cool guy too.

  • jay says:

    good gym really good fighters trainers chek them out on the website TEAMFLOREZMUAYTHAI.COM
    facebook TEAMFLOREZGYM

  • robby says:

    I like this gym but it’s out of my way, great atmosphere with a great coaching staff. Derrick Martinez is the best all around coach who has trained with the best in combat sports and in the business today. He is very brilliant in his teaching methods and is not given enough credit. I hope to see him more in bigger shows. He’s a great asset to that team and soon to make a bigger name for himself in the muay thai and mma game.

  • Jose Rodridguez says:

    My name is Jose Rodriguez former amateur boxer and kickboxer.  I hold a 4th degree black belt in Okinawan Kokushin Karate. I used to train at the Jerry Jones Ultimate Mix Martial Arts Academy in Nutley, NJ in the early 90’s. I fought amateur kickboxing against a guy named Derrick Martinez from NYC with the Atlantic Kickboxing Association which is not around anymore in 1994 and I lost to him by split decision and that was my only lost.  I stop fighting after my wife had kids.  My kickboxing record is 15-1-1 with 10kos.  I always remember that lost and always wanted to fight him again after watching that tape I thought I had beat him a lot of my people said I had all 3 rounds, I think they gave it to him because he comes from a Muay Thai background and the promoter hung out with him. When Kru Keo and all those guys went to Thailand the year before, he fought in Thailand? but he wasn’t able to last with me? I heard he got ko in his fight at a small gym out there against a Thai 50 lbs lighter than him lol  I thought he was slow and couldn’t match my speed; I nearly dropped him in the 3rd round when he pretty much ran from me the whole fight.  If I were to get back in shape at 175lbs almost 40 now I would still beat him.  I always wondered what happened to him, I googled him to see if he still fights or at least alive and saw a couple of videos sparring and holding pads. If this is him fighting MMA damn he did put on a lot of weight and if he is up to it I would love to fight him again since our fight was a fluke. He looks like shit in this fight seems like he got another lucky win

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