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Team Oyama MMA & Fitness

Team Oyama MMA and Fitness in Irvine, California, is Orange County’s premier mixed martial arts trainers. Disciplines range from MMA, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Cardio Kickboxing, Wrestling, and Boxing. With a dedicated team of trainers and positive environment, see how we can help you succeed. Whether you are a professional fighter, amateur hopeful, or even a stay at home mother, Team Oyama MMA and Fitness has a variety of programs designed to help you reach your desired goals.

  • hung says:

    Great gym and trainers come check it out yourself you wont be disappointed!

  • Elliot Wright says:

    world class coaches, plenty of sparring partners, professional and friendly atmosphere

  • Anonymous says:

    Great gym with amazing trainers. place is not so big but they are moving soon, so it can only get better. all the trainers are figthers so they know what they are doing.

  • Landon Faulkner says:

    If you live in Orange County or even close enough to get there,you need to be training at this gym.

    If you want to get in shape,you will get in it here,and if you are interested in trying your hand at fighting,I don’t believe there is a better place around to get you to that level.


  • tony tran says:

    This is the best fight gym I’ve been to in the O.C…..the fighters and trainers are so easy to work with…if your there for fitness they’ll help you out in that area and if your there to fight they’ll prepare you for that…basically everything that you want to learn in MMA is there…

  • kathy tran says:

    if there are girls out there that need to get into shape team oyama mma is the place to be…..i use to be a size 5 and now i’m a size 1…great workout and great trainers…

  • Allegra Garcia says:

    Great workouts! whether you want to learn to be a fighter or just train like one this is the place to go. The knowledge and experience of the instructors surpass any other gym around. Team Oyama provides an enviroment that is friendly,fun and will push you out of your comfort zone…and you will see results!

  • Dominic Licavoli says:

    This is a top notch training facility with one of the best MMA coaches around. Anyone that is serious about MMA should train with Collin (Team Oyama).

  • Daniel H says:

    The best thing about this gym are the instructors and the environment that they provide. The instructors can help you achieve any goal you may have. You just can’t pass up to oppotunity to train with world class professional fighters; get the best workout and learn something new each and every class. Team Oyama is truly best of breed.

  • R W says:

    This is a great gym. Unlike most gyms that try to distract you with a lot of smoke and mirrors, you actually feel like your walking into a MMA gym. You’re always working, always sweating, but the staff and the gym members are always laughing and having a good time. Its sometimes surreal having the guy you watched fight on TV stand there and encourage you to kick higher, punch faster, work harder.

  • Willybob says:

    This gym is for real. The instructors are all fighters or have been fighters. They’re very knowledgeable. They care about their students and know how to push them to acheive their goals. The fight classes are serious, informative and fun. The fitness classes keep you busy the whole time. Great place to burn calories and learn some fighting.

  • Michael Jakmejian says:

    This is like a home away from home. People are friendly and helpful and everyone here has a positive attitude. If you are looking for a place to get fit without the drama Team Oyama MMA is the place for you.

  • R A says:

    It’s the people that go there that make the gym as great as it is. No other reason to go anywhere else.

  • Tommy Chau says:

    I know coach Oyama personally and he is one of the best MMA coaches in the business. He left Punch out to do No limits FSG to his disappointment. He is now on his own and I would recommend anyone to go to the coach for training and not to be distracted from big nice gyms in the area that has major politics and ultimately will screw you over as well and WE ALL KNOW WHAT GYM I AM TALKING ABOUT!!!!!!!!!!!!

    NO LIMITS fighting gym screwed me and ALL my friends I have ever introduced to that gym and I will never in my life ever recommend anyone. Ask anyone who has trained there. When coach left most world class fighters went with him.

  • John says:

    Have you noticed that all the comments on this gym were posted at the same time. Probably means they are all by the same person

  • Mike says:

    excellent gym, huge grappling area, cage, weight room, and a huge heavy bag area. not to mention the amount of experience all the trainers have. its just a great atmosphere and a great place to learn!

  • Damien R says:

    I came here to train with my daughter from NY because she was competing in Cali and we both belong to the BJJ school Lotus Club that TOMMA houses,. Giva Santana and Laercio Fernandes are awesome Jiujitsu teachers, training under their instruction is good enough for me to travel 3000 miles. They run the best kids BJJ program in the world. My Professor studied under Giva and he is the best in NY. Colin Oyama, Giva, Bao Quach, Romie, Shane Del Rosario,and the rest of the staff treated us as family the whole vacation and really are the best in MMA, BJJ, Muay Thai and cardio Kickboxing in the business. Look at their BJJ champions (Giva, Laercio, The Kids program) to MMA Champions (Rampage Jackson, Tito Ortiz, Shane Del Rosario)

  • Georgie says:

    I’ve been training with Colin & the guys at this gym since the fight team was at No Limits (which was a great facility run by a-holes) but that is long in the past. This place is by far THE BEST cardio workout I’ve ever had & the Muay Thai and MMA instruction are world class. The trainers are all fighters. Giva Santana (18-1 in MMA) teaches BJJ. Romie Adanza (world champion Muay Thai) teaches cardio-kickboxing. Shane Del Rosario (Muay Thai World Champ, Strikeforce Heavyweight Prospect) teaches kickboxing, and Colin Oyama (who has coached UFC fighters Rampage Jackson, Tito Ortiz, Ian McCall, Rob Emerson and Jared Rollins) coaches MMA & Muay Thai. The entire staff are professionals and really great teachers. You will not be disappointed in the facility or the training.

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