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The Dojo Oceanside

The Dojo Oceanside in Oceanside, California, offers various programs in Martial Arts. No matter what your looking for, we have it! All ages and no matter what your goals are, you will have fun getting there with us!

• Martial Arts Program
This program helps 7 to adults, learn Self Defense, Fitness, and Discipline. It will help you build more confidence, a healthier body and mind, and gives you the tools to defend yourself against any threat that you might come across. For kids they will focus more on Bully Danger, Stranger Awareness, Respect, Discipline, and more. Adults will learn Defenses against any type of Assaults, Knifes, Guns, and more. We Teach Shaolin Kempo, Karate, Kung Fu, Krav Maga, Aikido, Muay Thai Kick Boxing, and Escrima (Filipino Fighting). With all theses choices we have what you are looking for.

• Mix Martial Arts (MMA)
If you want to train like a MMA fighter or if you like to try to become the next super star, then this is the program for you. You will learn Ground and Stand Up Fighting, and get fit at the same time.

• Grappling
We have combined Judo and Jiu Jitsu together, so you will get the best of both worlds. In this program you will learn how to land with out hurting yourself, many different types of Take Downs, Chokes, Locks, Rolls, and more.

• Cardio
If you’re looking for a place to lose weight, increase your cardio, build muscle mass, and just feel and look better, then come in for this class. Our cardio class is based on you; we will help you reach the goals that you want to reach. If it is a section weight, just looking better, or something else, we can help.

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