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The Pit Hawaiian Kempo

The Pit/Hawaiian Kempo is the ultimate in martial arts and fitness.  We began over 30 years ago, and have evolved into the most effective, functional, practical, proven, “state of the art” system of martial arts and fitness in the world today.

The Pit is a blend of “old school” training, attitude, power and discipline combined with a “cutting edge” scientific, modern, result-oriented, tested & proven curriculum. The Pit’s mission is to provide a vehicle for everyone of all ages to realize their full potential, get strong, be confident, get into great shape, make friends, and learn self-defense while having fun.”

If you want to learn unrealistic, mystical, ineffective techniques (ie: snake kick or katas), then you should go train elsewhere, but if you want to train with some of the world’s best fighters/athletes, learn the most effective and practical fighting system anywhere, and get into the best shape of your life, then The Pit is for you.

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