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Total Mayhem Fight Club

Total Mayhem Fight Club in Baldwin Park, California, offers instruction in Mixed Martial Arts, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Wrestling, Boxing and Muay Thai. Our gym is equipped with an MMA fighting cage and a boxing ring for events and maximum training; we also features cardio machines, bags, free weights, and plenty of open mat space.

  • Victor Estrada says:

    how much would it cost for a beginner class????

  • droc says:

    Hi Victor

    We suggest you contact TMFC directly from the information given above. I would think you can check it out for free.

  • Michael Gillmore says:

    Memberships are reasonable I love the intense training and the trainer looks like a bull dog. He has his own UFC belt too, 22-0. His fighters are competing in Vegas May 1st and he only does sanction fights, not smoker fights. Classes are full and never the same workout, I would definitely suggest you check it out.

  • joseph d says:

    wow i did a free to try it out, and it was intense. it had a boot camp type feel but after was a good feeling. that ufc belt is pretty cool, the owner guy i g uess won it back in japan.

  • Victor Wesseling says:

    What UFC does he have his belt in? What weight class? Cuz i am claiming SHINANNIGANS!!!!!

  • Not Fooled says:

    He did not win that belt, he bought it cash. The owner was a decent college wrestler and that was about it. He is not really a good striking coach either, but more of a wrestler. Most of his students don’t really stick around because its not much of a MMA gym. There are better MMA schools out their that will teach you a complete MMA game and they are close by.

  • Blah says:

    I walked in and tried it out and the trainer wasn’t very nice, seem like he had a big head and thought he was all that. Very egotistical. He wasn’t very nice to my friend that came in and tried the class with me. After trying out for a week, I decided to leave and found a guy teaching out of his garage about a mile up the road who was really cool to me and my friend and he taught us a lot in one day more than I learn in a week at Mayhem. I don’t recommend this please to know one. The guy we meet is Kru Dee Martinez who is actually doesn’t look like a fighter or trainer at all, I was very skeptical at first, but never judge a book by its cover, when he kicks the pads or shows you stuff on the ground it really had impressed me. He knows the fight game. He holds a black belt in Judo and trained in Japan. He also holds a blue belt in BJJ under Machado brothers and boxed semi pro in Puerto Rico. He fought in over 60 Muay Thai fights in Thailand.
    His family was really nice to us. Funny thing about the post above is that he teaches MMA over at Team Florez muay thai on Thurs, Fri, and Sat which is a cool gym too, but I prefer the one on one at his garage, the price is not bad at all.

  • Tony BJJ Rubbergaurd says:

    I went to check it out and only 2 guys were in there rolling, one of the guys got up and gave me a flyer. Seem cool, but not my place to train. I watch them roll for a little bit and then a few guys walked in talking about their MMA fights. They were talking like if they were pros, but I saw them roll for about 30 min, there was no hell those guys can beat me. So I went to my car got my gear and submitted all the guys there and even the wrestling coach. Its a cool gym if you are starting, thats all I can say. If you have at least 1-2 years of training, you can go somewhere else.

  • the beast says:

    The gym is under new management now classes are 2 pm to 10 pm there is a great muy tai coach and jujitsu this is no dojo or lame belt system this is strictly base off mma a lot of cardio goes in to every class there is live contact or some sort of contact with an opponent in every class prices are very low stating at 50 for cardio 70 for full access if you want build yourself into an mma fighter there are fighters that are strictly there to fight mma for more info call the owner Isac 626 203 6099 or the gym at 626 338 5222

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