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Universal Martial Arts Academy/UMAA DT

Located in Oakland, California, Professor James Hundon is the founder of Universal Martial Arts Academy, UMAA Defensive Tactics, and the art of Ju-Trap-Boxing. Ju-Trap-Boxing combines Small Circle Jujitsu and various fundamentals of jujitsu he has studied, with western and eastern boxing; and Filipino martial arts into a comprehensive, street-oriented martial art.

UMAA Defensive Tactics courses teach Alert Response Trainingsm (ART), a comprehensive system of weaponless defense, taught through realistic flow drills. ART features close quarter control techniques which can be applied one-on-one, or as a team. Your employees will learn to effectively maintain control, de-escalate volatile situations, and minimize the risk of injury to all involved. Employers will benefit from reduced liability costs and peace of mind. We specialize in training law enforcement officers, security personnel, emergency response workers and healthcare industry employees. We will tailor a curriculum to the needs of your organization.

Professor Hundon is a veteran martial artist with over 38 years experience. He is a first generation student of Great Grandmaster Wally Jay, and a second generation student in the lineage of Bruce Lee. Professor Hundon has been awarded the title of ‘Most Distinguished Master’ in the US Martial Arts Hall of Fame. He holds 7th Degree Black Belts in Small Circle Jujitsu and Kyohuejitsumae Jujitsu; a second degree Black Belt in Sugar Ryu Jujitsu; and Black Belts in Chinese Kenpo and Kodokan Jujitsu. Professor Hundon competed, demonstrated and taught throughout the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean Islands.

Universal Martial Arts Academy currently meets at Kenneth Pitts’ Martial Arts Academy in Oakland’s Lakeshore neighborhood, with additional classes also held at Baker’s Martial Arts Cultural Center in Lower Hills.

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