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Xtreme Training Center

Xtreme Training Center (XTC) in Eagle Rock is Southern California’s premier state of the art fitness facility and martial arts training center. We offer Martial Arts instruction in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Mixed Martial Arts, Muay Thai, Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing, Capoeira and Programs for Kids. Our facility is a 6,500 square foot building with an Advanced weight room, Qualified Instructors, Programs for every one and every level, and convenient hours for all to train.

  • Jen says:

    I started coming to this training center with my friend to take Jiu Jitsu. She’s been begging me to come because you really do need a partner to do the floor exercises. So awesome! Fernando, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu extraordinaire, was real patient and hands on with the training. In just two classes, I learned three new moves to basically submit a 190 lbs. male off of me! I’ve been practicing on everyone, my boyfriend, my brother – and they all can’t believe I can make them tap out! It’s all about leverage and balance. Highly recommended class for anyone who needs a change in their workout routine.

  • jose says:

    This gym sucks all instructors dont have any teaching skills the weight room is sooooo small and the jj instructor is no good . staff is rude . If you Know about MMA you know this gym should have a poor grade . I will never go back .

  • Tony H. says:

    What happened to this place??? It’s a total powder puff gym. There is nothing Extreme about it… Fernando is great but that’s about it. NO boxing, NO kick boxing, NO muay thai, 3rd martial art instructor in a one year and now ZUMBA… WTF! Dont get me wrong the Zumba instructor in hot and knows her stuff but I cant see myself training for competition at this place. Staff is rude and not very knowledgeable about the fight game.

    I dont see myself training there for competition any time soon.

  • Al says:

    This training center is great. I use to be a member few years ago, I canceled my membership. Now I’m back again since 2 months,cuz of the new owner and new management this place rocks now. I take a class and I use the gym, the fact that I dont have to wait is great, my girlfriend works out here aswell and also takes zumba and yoga classes, also my friends. I recommend this training center to everyone, cuz now it’s a family friendly place, anybody can work out here, you can make it as extreme as u want it to be, It use to be different back then. I am one happy client going to xtc. Thanx XTC instructors and staff.

  • XTC Fan. says:

    This place isn’t bad at all. Dont reject it if you haven’t tried it out. They may seem “powder puff” as tony put it, but they are just pushing the stuff that sells easy, Weight loss classes for women because they still need all the money they can get. Plus any workout is what you make it. If you cant train for a competition because zumba is going on in the other room that you cant even see from the main lobby you obviously shouldn’t compete if something like that is such a distraction.

    Personal Experience:
    Johnny is a good with his own style of Muay Thai. Very skilled oriented with sparring.
    Most of the Kickboxing instructors are good. Very cardio based work out.
    The Weight Room is kinda slacking, but you dont usually go to a MMA gym to lift, and most I have been to aren’t state of the art with every machine type of gyms either.

    From What I’ve Seen:
    Fernando is good.
    The Capoeira instructors are good
    Escrima seems good.
    MMA seems good, although the 3 instructors in a year thing seems fishy, but we’ll see.
    Tae Kwon Doe is good. Especially for kids.

    The staff I’ve dealt with aren’t rude at all, idk if tony and jose had bad days but from personal experience never had a problem with staff. The owner was also incredibly nice.

    Seriously the only con about this gym, which isn’t a huge one at all, is that no fighters have actually came from this gym yet, but it has changed ownership/management not too long ago from what i hear, so you can’t expect that yet.
    I hope this gym does well in the future and maybe has actual fighters once it has become more well known

  • XTC Fan. says:

    They should also start up a wrestling program.
    Many MMA fighters come from wrestling.

  • Member @ XTC says:

    Jose and Tony: Few corrections on your comments:
    The staff is extremely nice, and they are knowledgeable about martial arts.
    There are kickboxing, Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Capoeira, Tae Kwon Do, and last time I checked these classes were considered as martial arts and maybe perhaps you should check the class schedule and try the classes before you make a comment.
    As far as the instructors are concerned, all of them have an extensive background in fighting…may be you should ask them.
    MMA has gone through changes, but Dorien is currently holding an undefeated position in MMA at his level.
    This gym was founded based on family and the classes that are offered are geared toward female, male, and kids.
    I don’t think it would be fair to have only guys train and the wives stay home….Zumba rocks now and I hope XTC keeps the class.. I am glad that my entire family including myself have a safe place to go to after school and work…I sure look forward to working out at XTC…
    Best of luck to the new owners

  • Alana says:

    I love this gym. Some would call it small, but I call it personal & intimate. It’s the kind of place where everyone knows your name, so you’re not treated like some key card number.
    The instructors are all real cool & very in shape themselves, so you know that what their doing works.
    The owner is real sweet & family oriented. Has kids herself, so she’s pretty compassionate when it comes to money.
    The place is clean & they always keep their equipment dust-free.
    AND! It’s in the best location. Right across from a healthy restuarant called the Four Cafe which is perfect after a vigorous workout. Can’t beat that.

  • maggie says:

    I recently joined XTC. The club is fantastic! It is clean, well lit, has plenty of equipment,and good variety of classes. the classes are so much fun and the locker room and showers are scrupulously clean. The front desk staff are chatty and friendly so just walking in the door is a cheerful experience.

  • Derik says:


  • Mike says:

    I’ve been a member here for two years now and I LOVE it! I’ve studied martial arts since I was a kid and by far XTC is the best gym ive trained at. The people here are Amazing! Customer service is great! Instructors are willing to stay after the class and work with you and answer any question that u have.Not to mention this place is the only gym around this neighborhood that offers MMA. The Locker room is always clean and smells nice. Weight room has different sets of each weights and Ive never seen any missing weights. So if you’re looking to enjoy your workout this is a Good place! 🙂

  • Russell says:

    Great Gym & Great people

  • Ricko says:

    this place rocks!! some of the best bjj and the muay thai instruction is very fight oriented. If you show him your there to fight this guy kicks your but.. I think they’re starting a boxing class too and i can’t wait to start competing out of here!!! The people are friendly it’s clean and I was there one month and am signing for the year…

  • The Great says:

    I box out of here. I signed up thinking boxing will be easy and fun, that I was in shape, and tough.
    I now know how to box not just fight, yea boxing is fun (at times) but far from easy. I realize I wasn’t even close to being in shape, because I look like a professional boxer now…. and I am no longer worried about being tough because I’m 3W 1L and fighting for a state championship later this month. This gym changed my life.

  • Vincent Ruiz says:

    This gym is fantastic! I started boxing there in February and haven’t stopped going. The staff is nice, respectful, and makes you welcome. The instructors are great and very helpful. This is the best place to train.

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