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Cobos Jiu Jitsu

Cobos Jiu Jitsu in Yuma, Colorado, is a proud affiliate of Koncepts Martial Arts.  The Cobos Jiu Jitsu curriculum was developed from a variety of different traditions, particularly the American Karate philosophy created by the legendary fighter, Joe Lewis. The fundamental strength of the American Karate system is that it doesn’t adhere to a rigid structure.  The key standard in the art is that the curriculum must effectively address self defense in an efficient and realistic manner.  Students are therefore ranked by their ability to defend themselves.

We believe in a hollistic martial arts experience and offer instruction in a variety of topics ranging from:

* Modern Self Defense
* Efficient Striking Techniques
* Throwing and Standing Joint Manipulation
* Submission Grappling

Every American Karate black belt is expected to put their own personal stamp on the art. Rico Cobos, founder of our school, found that his own personal expression of the art favored techniques that favored leverage over power. Cobos would sooner force a surrender from his adversary with a good joint lock than pound him into submission. As a result, while Cobos Jiu Jitsu is strictly an American Karate system, he felt that the term “Jiu Jitsu” better described the curriculum and its goals.

Mr. Cobos is the founder and head instructor of Cobos Jiu Jitsu.  He has a martial arts career spanning over two decades and holds a black belt in American Karate under Scottsbluff’s own Mel Griggs.  Cobos has experience in several martial arts ranging from American Karate, Taekwondo, Judo, Aiki-Jitsu, and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.  Cobos originally gained a reputation as a grappling instructor at American Karate Concepts, Mr. Griggs’s original Scottsbluff school.  Outside of the dojo, Mr. Cobos can be found teaching mathematics at Yuma High School, where he also coaches football and wrestling.

Cobos Jiu Jitsu meets at Quintech Fitness Center, best known as The Old Morris Elementary School in Yuma.

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