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Korean Academy of Taekwondo

At our main headquarters for the Korean Academy of Taekwondo (KAT), located in Aurora, Colorado, we focus in three main areas of martial arts – Traditional, Olympic Sport, and Practical Self-defense. The most traditional aspects of Taekwondo are taught throughout our curriculum where students learn discipline, self-control and self confidence while training hard and working their way up through the belt ranks – white through black by learning World Taekwondo Federation (WTF) forms (poomses), kicks, hand techniques, defensive step sparring, and ground defense grappling.

KAT is proud to teach the WTF Olympic Style Sparring where two players, one red, one blue put on full protective pads and spar against each other to gain points by kicking or punching the other player’s chest protector (Hogu) and in Adult divisions by kicking to the protected head. The match is continuous, (not stopped by scoring a point) which teaches players important counter attack strategy and promotes match flow.

Practical self-defense is an important aspect to our training at KAT. Standing defense is made up of basic kicks, hand techniques and Hopkido joint manipulations. Sprawling, control and falling techniques are taught as the transitional techniques between standing defense and ground defense. Ground defense is especially important because generally eighty percent of a true fight is on the ground. To train for this, KAT offers a comprehensive grappling curriculum which begins with how to fall and roll safely and works through dominant positioning and submission techniques. Pre-Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) mixed sparring/grappling is offered but not required for belt advancement.

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